Animal Prints Vicky and Teresa take a walk on the wild side

vicky and teresa

Animal prints, in the world of fashion they can be a love them or leave them trend for many women. I have to admit that in my younger days they were definitely a leave them. Animal prints are weird, they are for OLD ladies, my twenty year old brain would tell me. Funny how your thinking changes as you age. I believe that perhaps my younger self was confusing old with sophisticated, and weird with fun! Or maybe it is just that with age I have discovered you can wear whatever you want as long as you do it with confidence. So for this day I put on my clothes with confidence and went “wild.”

DSC_0024 DSC_0018

Vicky and I started our photo shoot in the down town area, stopping to take a break a break at Hops Road Restaurant on Strawberry Alley. We shared an order of Maple Bacon Sweet Potato fries, (so yummy), and staying with our animal theme refreshed ourselves with a glass of Alley Cat tea. The staff there is very friendly, the service is great and the food delicious! Check it out if you get the chance.  After a wardrobe change, courtesy of Hops ladies room, we were off to our next location. As we made our exit one of the wait staff said, “You ladies look wonderful.” Another perk of thrifting!


The Smith Trahern Mansion was another of our stops to take photos. Thank you to Martha and the ladies who were there working on some projects that day for letting us use their beautiful setting for our pics. The Smith Trahern Mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places and is truly a treasure to our community.


DSC_0082 (2)DSC_0099

Rotary Park was our last photo shoot location, and the time for our walk on the wild side had come to a close. But we had a roaring good time. (Sorry for all the animal puns, couldn’t resist).


Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to stay thrifty and FABULESS!


Teresa pretty much said it all. We had so much fun going around town and taking pictures with our animal prints.  After I got home I looked at some of my clothes.  The black vest was by Giorgio Fiorlini. Those knee high black boots with the very wearable heels were by Etienne Aiigner and so comfortable. The vest and the boots both came from Good Will(GW). The little black dress was a Studio AA from GW. The boots were Pesaro from GW. The zebra raincoat was on a great markdown from Cato.  If you happen to see a bright orange zebra purse by Chocolate it was from GW.  Sometimes the deals are great and sometimes they aren’t but I still love wearing the deals from thrift shops. Keep thrifting and hunting and having fun.

Have fun,


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