Our Fabuless Thrifty Black Friday


Black Friday. A day of shopping pleasure for many, and Vicky and I are no different. Well maybe we are…just a little bit. We definitely enjoy the shopping experience, but getting up at 3 am, standing in loooonngg lines, and paying high prices are not our idea of pleasure. We enjoyed our own fabuless shopping spree by visiting a couple of our local thrift stores. We came out with several good buys, and OUR Black Friday didn’t leave our bank accounts in the red!

Our first stop was City Thrift where they were having a 50% off sale on almost all items in the store. I purchased an Old Navy graphic tee that just says Unathletic. It was super cheap and though I hate to admit it, it is totally appropriate for me! Although I do exercise weekly, (Vicky and I go to the pool about 3 days a week), I am far from being athletic. So this shirt just struck me as amusing and I got the last laugh because it was so inexpensive.

I also got a beautiful purple bustier with a pretty floral print and black ribbon lace up detail on the back. OOOH LALA! I have looked these up on line because I had always wanted one to play up my feminine side, but my thrifty side always won out and I wouldn’t buy one because of the high cost and because it was not an item that I would be wearing frequently. So imagine my glee when I found this one and it was 50% off, the already low, low  price (as they say in As seen on TV ads!)
A black and white striped long sleeve blouse from Cato and a dark golden skirt with black trim by Worthington finished up my mini spree.

Of course this being Black Friday, a lot of people are buying gifts, and so far all I had purchased were things for me! OOOPS! So Vicky and I decided to purchase some ladies and men’s socks to donate to a homeless shelter. I had read that socks were one of the most needed items needed at homeless shelters but was one of the least donated. These socks were brand new in the package so they were not included in the 50% off sale, but they were still a great price. So if any of you are wanting to do a little something for those less fortunate, this is one small thing that may be a blessing to others.

The next stop was of course at one of our favorite places, GoodWill, aka G.W. Their Black Friday deal was 20% off their regular priced merchandise. I managed to find a few treasures there including a black patent leather belt I plan to wear with my Worthington skirt. Two skirts, a straight denim skirt from Old Navy, a red cotton denim by Calson, and a sweet pair of flat black suede boots with lace edging at the top. I think my boots were my favorite find of the day!

Perhaps someday soon you will see some of these items featured in a look book. So be sure to check back!

Now on to Vicky and her fabuless finds…
Teresa is right we do love to find bargains and we aren’t shy about looking at all of the racks and boxes. Pull items from the deep part of the bins.
(I’ll tell you a funny story in college I co-majored in business and geology-I think that’s why I love to dig in the bins and the bags so much…ha!ha!)
I found a beautiful knotted sweater by JL STUDIO exclusively for Jessica London 50% at City Thrift and a cute shirt by dots, it has pink flowers on front and black lace sleeves. The next t-shirt was a CHICO’S with 3 wild and crazy women on the front reminds me of Teresa, my sister, and I. I got a red scarf to wear with a white coat bought a couple of weeks ago. The daisy fuentes dress with red, black, and white flowers is fantastic .A MV Sport T-shirt with a guitar on it and a white t-shirt with HOT MESS on it were two of my other purchases. Red polka dot skirt by GEORGE is really cute.
My last two buys were Christmas presents for two of my grandchildren, I have 9, so these 2 shirts are for two of the girls one who likes teenage mutant ninja turtles and the other is an
Attack of the Christmas Squirrel-Christmas Vacation with a picture of a squirrel for my granddaughter who is “nuts” about squirrels!
At GW I Bought a gold lame’ jacket at 20% off. A really nice black and white stripe Torrid Shirt to wear with
leggings. The belt I got was an express with gold metal trim and leather.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to spend time with your loved ones.

Till next time, be thrifty and stay fabuless!!


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