Vicky & Teresa Save 99 Cent Day at Goodwill

It has been a while since the fabuless duo of Vicky and Teresa had been thrifting together. The holidays had kept us both busy with little time to get our thrift on, so this Wednesday we were happy to head out to one of our fave shopping places G.W. for 99 cent day.

While perusing the aisles in search of the ultimate 99 cent find something odd happened. “Do you smell something?, Vicky asked, wrinkling her nose. “Something hot.”

“Mmmmm,” I replied, “maybe someone is cooking something in the breakroom.” “It is just about lunch time.” My stomach agreed with me, but Vicky was not persuaded.

“Noooo, something is burning!”

About that time we spotted it. Someone had plugged in a toaster oven, presumably to see if it worked. There was a piece of paper and what appeared to be something wooden inside which had caught fire! Smoke started rising along with our panic level.

What if we have to leave the store and the treasures we had found behind! That would not do! Something had to be done. Vicky to the rescue. She found the plug, and pulled it while I alerted a Good Will employee who promptly removed the offending machine and thanked us for preventing a potential disaster.

What can we say? We were fabuless firefighter fashionistas and we were happy to save everyone’s shopping experience! Okay maybe we aren’t exactly heroes, but we felt like we had done our good deed for the day.

Crisis averted we did manage to come away with a few nice finds, including some vintage items that we are putting in a booth that we have at The Shoppes at Sango. More about that in a future blog.

Following are a few pics we got in between fire fighting and treasure hunting!



Vicky looking fabuless in her leopard spotted AS.HRO wrap





Vicky says the silky black lining feels very decadent



Found a pair of Steve Madden boots!


Vicky practicing her pole dance moves while waiting in line!



This 99 cent find is part of the  Bob Mackie Collection!

DSC_0362 (1)

Vicky found this vintage crocheted hand made sweater for 99 cents. I just couldn’t resist trying it out. The trim appears coral in this pic, but it is actually a bright red



Gray peasant top by Max Edition. Looking forward to pairing this with skirts for the Spring season.



DSC_0349 (1)

Two vintage satin slips we discovered. These will most likely be going to our booth at The Shoppes at Sango. Vicky chose the seductive black while I opted for the more angelic white. Hmmm, wonder if this mirrors our personalities in any way!


Thanks for checking us out.  Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Vicky and Teresa

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1 Response to Vicky & Teresa Save 99 Cent Day at Goodwill

  1. kirbylove99 says:

    Fabuless, as always!!


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