Winter Weather Thwarts Thrifting Excursion

snow-05Hey ya all! Teresa here. Hope all of you fabuless folks out there are enjoying your day. Here in Tennessee we have snow and it has unfortunately “iced” out our chances for thrift shopping this week! What a bummer. While I was one of those Southerners dreaming of a white Christmas, (which we didn’t get), now that the holiday season is over I personally am done with winter and am eagerly looking forward to warmer weather. In other words, I am SNOW over it!

Don’t get me wrong up to this point I have thoroughly been enjoying wearing my boots, over sized sweaters with leggings, and other winter apparel, (especially my pink coat seen in our Cozy Christmas Look Book blog)but being stuck in the house and unable to go thrift shopping can definitely dampen a gal’s spirits and get her to thinking about balmy temperatures and the fashion options that warmer weather can bring. Sundresses, sandals, flip flops and funky tees! Oh the joys of summer dressing!

Any one else feeling the winter blahs? Have you perhaps been day dreaming about a sandy beach somewhere, with blue skies and a tropical breeze?  I know I have. In fact so much that I wrote a little poem about it. Got to find something to do to prevent cabin fever, even if it is just a fantasy. At least for now…

Oh how I need a tropical escape

To put a smile upon my face

To be where the sand is white and not the snow

Oh that is the place I want to go

A cool drink in my hand, a warm breeze in my hair

In a place such as this, I’d have not a care

But for now I’ll just stay warm in my bed

and let visions of cabana boys dance in my head

On a balmy island my heart it would sing

Go away Old Man Winter, I’m ready for Spring


Stay tuned, hopefully Vicky and I will have some more thrifty fashion finds and pics to share with you soon.

Till then be thrifty and stay fabuless!!


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1 Response to Winter Weather Thwarts Thrifting Excursion

  1. kimberlyjo2016 says:

    I think this is the 1st Saturday in a long time that we haven’t shopped somewhere! Ah, I miss it. No fun looking fabuless with no one to admire your creativity except two sleepy pugs. Love the poem. Now I am remembering those pretty sundresses I have tucked away and dreaming of a sandy beach, palm trees, pretty drinks with pink umbrellas……


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