Mother Daughter Thrifting Fun



20160430_120207Hello all you nifty thrifty people out there. Teresa here, half of the duo of Fifty Thrifty and fabuless.  My thrifty friend and partner in crime, Vicky was out of town this weekend, so my daughter Kelley accompanied me on a thrifting expedition on Saturday. Mother and daughter thrifting together. What could be better?

The last day  of April was a little overcast and rainy but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits as we headed out to a couple of our local Goodwill stores to see what kind of luck we would have in spotting some fabuless fashion finds. On this particular trip Kelley was the one who hit the jackpot. She came away with a total of six shirts and three pairs of shorts. She is definitely getting into Summer mode and she got a great start with her purchases.

As for me, well… Lady Luck was not on my side on this day. What did I come away with you ask? Why a big fat ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!  Today was just not the day for me. (Heavy sigh.) But that’s the way the cards fall sometimes. (By the way has anyone noticed a gambling theme here),jackpot, luck, cards. Thrift shopping can be a gamble at times. Sometimes luck will be on your side and you’ll love everything you pick up and everything fits. Other times you just have to “fold” and try again another day!

Vicky recently had a great stroke of luck on one of our out of town thrifting sprees. We had gone shopping  in Gallatin Tennessee and Vicky had the luck of finding several pairs of jeans for the low, low price of 99 cents each. When she got home and got ready to put them in the washing machine she checked the pockets and found two dollars in the pocket of  one of them. LOL, it was like she got two pair free! If you follow our Facebook page you can see where she posted about this in her own words.

Of course the day was far from a total loss for me because I got to spend it with my beautiful sweet daughter. She is and always will be my most winning hand.20160430_113543

Kelley checking the skies. Looking cute with a yellow umbrella with black graphics that say Create Your Own Sunshine! And we did!


Showing off my rain gear. A pink Lulu Guinness umbrella with poodles and other girly things. Very 1950’s inspired. I love it. Looked up this brand of umbrellas on line and they can be pretty pricey. But I scored this one in a previous thrifting trip for only $1.99!


Kelley came home with 2 bags full



I came home empty handed. This time….


Black and red sleeveless top by No Boundaries over a black Racerback tank top by Mossimo


A salute to Captain America. Kelley is a big comic book fan. Captain America Tank top by Marvel Comics. Denim shorts by Baccin




Black and floral fitted corset tank top by No Boundaries. This one was 1/2 off! Gray tulle skirt from Lauren Conrad was a previous purchase from Goodwill.


Tan khaki shorts with belted tie by GAP


Come and Sail Away Tee (perfect for Summer) by OLD NAVY and green khaki shorts by Faded Glory 1/2 off.


Navy and gray short sleeve Tee with turquoise pocket by Aeropostle

I hope that you enjoyed this Mother/Daughter edition of Fifty Thrifty and Fabuless. I know I enjoyed spending a fun day with my girl. Even if she did get ALL the deals. Hopefully next time I will have a lucky streak and come away with something grand.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!


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1 Response to Mother Daughter Thrifting Fun

  1. Vicky says:

    Fantastic, you and Kelley make a great pair. It was a wonderful post.


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