Transform your outfit with accessories! Read to the end for exciting news!

Hello again fabuless fashionistas. We hope that all is well with you and that you have been able to engage in that most glorious, fun pastime, thrift shopping! We would love to hear from you and learn about some of your most favorite fashion finds or your very best deals. Just drop us an email at fiftythriftyandfabuless@gmail. com, and tell us all about it.

Today we are going to discuss the art of accessorizing. Have you ever put on an outfit and thought maybe just a little more oomph or pizzazz was needed? Time to break out the accessories! There are so many ways to accessorize, but let’s start with a very simple one. Scarves. Scarves are great and they don’t need to be worn only around the neck, oh no! Tie one around your hair for a sweet or sassy look. Tying one to the handle of your favorite handbag adds a nice almost old fashioned (but in a good way) look. Larger scarves or sashes can be substituted for a belt. Just slide one through the belt loops of a pair of slacks or jeans and there you have it. Or just tie one around your waist sarong style. Such simple ways to transform an outfit. You can tie a small scarf or bandana around your wrist in lieu of a bracelet. I, (Teresa), have even tied one around the ankle of my cowboy boots on a boot scootin kind of night. Or if on occasion you wear a hat, (an accessory  in its own right). wind a pretty scarf around it in a color or print that coordinates with your outfit. There are lots of tutorials online on how to wear and tie scarves. Check one out and get started!

Speaking of hats, they are not only for bad hair days to cover things up! They can totally enhance your style. Go bohemian with a colorful maxi  skirt, a peasant blouse and a big floppy brimmed hat. A straw cowboy hat with a sundress or denim skirt for a sweet country girl look. A fedora with a simple pair of black slacks and a crisp white shirt for a classic look. You decide. That is the fun of fashion. Your style, your way.

Belts, from thick to thin and everything in between. Studded, braided, leather, plastic elastic. You can usually find a wide variety of belts at thrift stores for a low price so you can definitely stock up and change the look of an outfit with a simple change of a belt.

Now for one of my very favorite accessories, jewelry! Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches. So many different styles and colors to choose from.

Did you know the type of jewelry you prefer to wear reveals your personality type? This is true according to Dr. Emery Wilson, in an article I read. If you love bracelets you are a vivacious, dynamic person who goes after what they want. Are earrings your favorite thing to add to an outfit? Then you are more like to be a secretly bold person who doesn’t want to get lost in the crowd.If  you wear a cross or other religious symbol you are likely idealistic, sincere, loyal and dependable. Choosing a ring over any other type of jewelry shows you are probably level-headed and down to earth.According to Dr. Betty Schwartz, if you prefer assorted jewelry, and have a favorite piece for every outfit, (I have to admit this is me), you are likely to be sensitive, artistic, and sometimes shy. Pretty interesting, huh?  Who knew that when you put on those fabulous chandelier earrings and strutted your stuff that the world was not only admiring them, but learning a little bit about you and your unique personality!

Now for some exciting news. Our very own Vicky Clinard is not only a fan of bangles, baubles, gems and trinkets. She is also a jewelry designer! Her philosophy in jewelry making is transformation. Transformations Jewelry is a symbol of beauty from the shattered, the broken, the wounded-now renewed and with a story unique to itself. Taking items that may have normally been  tossed aside and turning them into things of beauty. She renews these things and turns them into lovely, cohesive, one of a kind creations.  Some of her  gorgeous bracelets are now available for purchase at our local consignment store, The Clothesline at 1820 Madison Street. It is a wonderful consignment shop with lots of fantastic fashions at great prices. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and make shopping there a pleasure. So be sure to stop in and check them out along with Vicky’s creations. But you had better hurry, they are going fast!

Check out Vicky’s facebook page, Transformation Jewelry for a glimpse at some of her amazing work. Now she has bracelets featured there, but she also creates necklaces and earrings.  Be sure to check often as she will be adding new photos of her beautiful baubles. If you would like to learn more send her an email at

Thank you for checking in with us and we hope you will stay tuned. We are planning on a photo shoot featuring some spring time fashions and we would love to share them with you!

Till next time, be thrifty and stay fabuless!






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