Meet Reba

Hello all you fabuless fashionistas. We hope everyone is having a great summer. We also hope that  you have been enjoying the great indoors, keeping cool and doing some thrift shopping!

It has been a while since Vicky and I have done a photo shoot, but you better believe that we have been doing our fair share of shopping. We hope to post soon some of our summer finds, but until then we have decided that we would like to share with you some photos of other fashionable women that we know and let them inspire you!

Meet Reba. Reba is a friend of ours that we have known for a while now. We met Reba at our favorite music and dancing venue, Murph’s Country Music Barn. Reba is such a stylish lady we just had to share a photo so you could see for yourself. She likes to shop and always seems to come away with great deals!

Reba looked so lovely in her summery  white dress that we just had to ask her if we could feature her in our blog and luckily she agreed. Her crotched vest, sandals and necklace complete her look.

Oh by the way, Reba let us in on a little secret. She got this beautiful dress at a beautiful price. Only $6.00. Way to go girl. And since Reba let us in on her secret we will tell you one about her. Not only is she a fashionista she is also a fabulous dancer, and she always looks great out on the dance floor!

Our thanks to Reba for letting us share her pic on our blog.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Vicky and Teresa




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