Kimmy and the Cowboy Boots aka Thrift Shopping Nashville Style

20160917_140525Hello to all our  thrift shopping aficionados.  Fifty Thrifty and Fabuless would like to share with you again one of our fashionable friends who just may inspire you to get out there and do your own thrift shopping and find your own fabuless look.

Kimmy is Vicky’s sister and my friend and soul sister. You may have read about the fun time Kimmy and I had in a previous blog, The Mission: Weekend Fun on a Budget, and seen her picture on our A Cozy Christmas Look Book blog from last year.

A couple of weeks ago the three of us decided to take a trip to Nashville, aka Music City to do a little out of town thrift shopping.  Unfortunately for Vicky and I the pickings were slim on this outing but Kimmy came out the winner with her purchase of a pair of Tony Lama boots for only $24.99!

As many of you may know Tony Lama boots are hand crafted here in the U.S. since 1911, and are exceptional quality boots. The boots Kimmy purchased are called A Rose is a Rose, and are currently a discontinued style. However that does not make them any less stylish! Similar boots to these can run up to $150.o0 retail. Kimmy definitely got a bargain!

20160903_151600Showing off the boots! Denim vest by Cato. Blue, green and white striped skirt by Worthington. Both previous Goodwill purchases.

20160917_140535Looking fine as wine in her cute denim dress by DOTS. Purchased at Goodwill.


These boots are made for walking!

So there you have it! More proof that you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous. Just check out your local or nearby thrift stores. There is no telling what deals you may walk out with!

We would like to thank Kimmy for allowing us to feature her here on Fifty Thrifty and Fabuless.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!




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