The Fifty Thrifty Gals hit a Dry Spell

What?! February is already here. How did that happen? It seems like just yesterday that it was Christmas, and then we were celebrating a brand new year!  And now it is time for Valentines Day.  Wow time sure seems to fly. During the holidays we were, (as I am sure you were)  very busy which left us little time for our favorite pastime thrift shopping. But it is now 2017, a brand new year and time to get back to it!

Speaking of the New Year, both Vicky and I have had high hopes of starting another year finding wonderful outfits, home décor and other accessories for low, low prices at our local thrift stores. Unfortunately it seems the last few times we have been we have come away almost always empty handed! Gasp! How can this be?  Have we lost our knack? Have we somehow upset the thrifting genies who previously reaped cart loads of goodies into our shopping baskets? Of course not! This just seems to be a trend in the world of thrift shopping. Some shopping trips you come away  feeling absolutely giddy with bags of fabulous things for which you spent soooo little money. Other trips are just a near or total loss. But of course we will NOT surrender!  We will valiantly shop on, checking out Goodwill, City Thrift, and other local thrift and consignment shops to see what we can find.

Until the next (hopefully successful shopping spree), we just wanted to share with you a few photos of items that we have thrifted in the past.



Looking “beary” cute!

Vicky in one of her more “unique” finds. Her red bear hat with built in hand warmers. She definitely stood out in the crowd with this one and got lots of compliments.




My black ruffled blouse by Bandolinoblu Black and White Skirt by Elle

Kimmy’s beautiful Burgundy dress by Mossimo was perfect for the holiday season, as we spent a wonderful afternoon at the historic Roxy Theatre watching the holiday classic,  White Christmas.

Both Kimmy and I are wearing  thrifted outfits. While my black and white outfit is thrifted head to toe, Kimmy’s boots were a gift from her kids, though her adorable dress was from GW.


The next pics were taken at a wonderful Christmas  program that was held at F&M Bank. There was lots of food, wine was served,  and there was  live entertainment. Not to mention a “special guest”. I was lucky enough to have my picture taken with him!


Red Blouse with bows on  sleeves by Gloria Vanderbilt Black button front skirt by Dana Buchman




Me and the special guest. He was so nice about people taking photos. Turns out he’s not such a Grinch after all!


Vicky in quarter length sleeve silk blouse Red Camisole by Attention Red and Black floral and paisley skirt by First Issue A Liz Claiborne Co




Silk and Leather trim coat by AF.HRO Red Boots by Leathercraft


Every time Vicky wears this coat she gets so many comments! It  is one of her very favorite finds and she definitely looks gorgeous in it!


Cream Colored Coat with bell sleeves by Preston and York

While I don’t love Winter, I do love that I got this cute coat for under $10.00 at GW!


Finally these pictures were taken on a couple of days in which we were just “hanging out” and having fun. Vicky had to take a back seat in this pic, as she couldn’t drive and “fluff” her hair at the same time!


Vicky in a black long sleeve top with collar and buttons. Her jeans by Denim 24/7 are embellished with a Rose on the hip and bottom of the leg


Look at that, just one little finger and the tree bends! Don’t know my own strength!


Red Lace top by Julie’s Closet and Paco Jeans



Look at that face! I think Vicky was afraid of my driving!



The white V-neck sweater had no label so unsure of the manufacturer, but it is soft and cozy. Brown knee high boots are Mercer.


Purple is definitely Vicky’s color!


Purple Sweater by Lane Bryant




This will be us if we don’t get out of this slump! Wish us luck!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!








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