We played Cupid on Valentine’s Day!

Hello fabuless people.  We hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and got to spend it with the people you love the most.  What sweet treats did you get? Maybe a big box of chocolates, or perhaps a lovely bouquet of flowers.  Those are things that always bring a smile to the sweetheart recipient.  This year Vicky and I had the opportunity to bring smiles to some of the people here in our area. We played Cupid and helped to deliver flowers! Of course we were in our thrifted outfits and wore some Valentine head gear to put us in the Cupid spirit.

Vicky’s brother, Randy Harrison is the owner of Franklin Florist. Of course Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the  year in the florist industry so Vicky and I helped out  to make sure that all those beautiful flowers would get to their intended destinations. What a great time we had watching people’s faces light up as they received their bouquets, chocolates and stuffed animals.  I have been on the receiving end of getting flowers, but it was such a delight to be a small part of brightening someone else’s day. Vicky used to work with her brother at the florist so she was an old hand at this cupid thing but she too enjoyed coming back to help out. If you need flowers for ANY occasion be sure to check out Franklin Florist.  They really are professional and do absolutely beautiful work!untitled.png


Here is Vicky before we started our adventure. Check out those gorgeous live plants in the background.





Black Suede jacket with fringe by Canyon Road Red Blouse with black and white striped detail on bottom by Azules


Just a few of the bouquets boxed up and ready to go!



Black & white striped graphic tee by Forever 21 Black leather jacket is Nostalgica by Matthew H.


Vicky off to make someone “beary” happy!


Vicky with Randy, her brother and owner of Franklin Florist.

Vicky’s black boots are by Catos. She used a gift card she had received to buy them so to her they were free. The best kind of thrifty!



Me and Randy. My Boss for the day! I tried to talk Randy into wearing the Heart head boppers, but it was a no go! 

Later that evening we got together with our friends and had our annual “Galentines” celebration. This year Kimmy found out that Waffle House was having a special Valentines event. They decorated the restaurant, had white table clothes, and even took photos of customers who wished to have their picture taken. Which of course we did!

It was lots of fun. A gentlemen employee opened the door for us upon on arrival and showed us to our table/booth. It was so cute decorated with red paper hearts, ribbon, and even champagne flutes for toasting. The waitresses all wore red ribbons in their hair and all were friendly, sweet, and definitely in the Valentine mood. They also played only love songs on the jukebox. How fun! We only had 40 minutes to eat because they had so many reservations!

There were families with young children, older couples, and some women who like us were celebrating with friends. There was also some young sweethearts who came to enjoy the food and décor. Nothing says young love like the sharing of a waffle! All in all it was a great and thrifty way to spend our Galentines celebration. I mean a Valentine dinner for under ten bucks! Now that’s what I call thrifty and fabuless!


A little of the décor. Sorry we didn’t get a pic before getting our drinks on the table, but the service was so quick we didn’t get a chance!


Vicky with her best friend Jenny. Beautiful ladies in red.


Perusing the menu


Me and my bestie Kimmy toasting friendship!


This is one of the group photos that the employees of Waffle House took. They made one for each of us at no charge! Kimmy’s beautiful red and black  top is by Rafaella. Gray skirt by Faded Glory. My black sweater with heart and love by SO


We ended our friendship celebration with a toast and then headed home. Vicky to go out on the town again with her hubby, and me to watch the Kentucky Wildcats basketball game with mine. Thank goodness the Cats won. A loss might have taken the romance right out of our evening! LOL

P. S. Waffle House also gave us a free calendar with coupons that can be used throughout the year. We thrifty gals love our coupons!

Till next time be thrifty and above all be FABULESS!



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