Spring in Paris…. Tennessee, Ya all


Ah , spring in Paris.  The sight of the Eiffel Tower, the flowers in bloom, and the scent of Catfish frying in the air? Wait…  Isn’t Paris better known for escargot, not catfish!  What’s wrong with this picture? Not a thing if you are in the South and are talking about Paris, Tennessee, which in this case I am.

Paris, Tennessee in Henry County is a town with a population of roughly 10,000 people, and one of it’s claims to fame is the 60 foot tall replica of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It is a nearly perfect 1.20 scale replica of the original and stands proudly in Memorial Park.  The other thing Paris, Tennessee is famous for is hosting the world’s biggest fish fry. This event is normally held the last full week of April and includes events such as beauty pageants,  parades, a carnival and arts and crafts. And of course, Catfish! The “fish tent” located at the Henry County fairgrounds at last count  cooked up over 12,000 pounds of fish!

Recently, my friend Kimmy and I gassed up her ride and took a little road trip to check it out!  Here are a few pics of the good time we had and the best part, (at least for thrifty gals like us, we had a blast and spent very little money!)



Tan pleated skirt with white polka dots by LizSport  purchased at Goodwill White off the Shoulder blouse by Mossimo purchased at  GW and brown Mossimo sandals purchased at Goodwill Tan belt purchased at Goodwill had tag with original price of $16.99, I got it for $1.99!





Green&white skirt by Accents gifted Green shirt  Walmart Sandals Catos (on sale) Cream Bag Chinese Laundry from Goodwill  Green and white scarf gifted  OOH LA LA Kimmy looks pretty in Paris!







Me and Fifi  my pink French poodle Of course she had to come along for the trip!


Another cool and “free” activity that was going on that day was an antique car show! We had a great time strolling around and looking at all the fabulous cars and trucks on display. Here are some pics of just a few.





The lady that owned this beauty was nice enough to let us have a photo  op!


Then there was the carnival. This definitely brought me back to the “good ole days”, as I don’t think I have been to a carnival since I was in my teens.  In fact Kimmy and I tried out our talents at one of the “games of skill.”  The attendant who was running this game was nice enough to let both Kimmy and I play, “two for the price of one.” (I think it was Kimmy’s sweet smile and her story of “never winning anything” )  that persuaded him. In fact he was so persuaded that “somehow”, Kimmy won! She has mad skills, that girl!


Bounce a ball off of the backdrop and have it land it the crate to win!


The winner!   Printed skirt by HollyLane purchased at Goodwill Shoes Blowfish Malibu purchased at Shoe Dept (on sale of course!)


Some of the sights at the fair.


What  “it” is…a fabuless straw bag purchased at GW Jeans by Kim Rogers also a thrifted find!


The few, the proud, the thrifty!

After walking through the carnival we decided it was time to find the “fish tent” and partake of some delicious catfish. After all that was the purpose of our little road trip. All the other things were just a fun diversion.  However, after following our noses of the delectable smell of fish frying and finding the location, it was PACKED! People were lined up, packed in like sardines in a tin! After a short debate on whether or not to join in the crowd we sadly decided to try again next year. We both had plans for later that evening and had to head home. But all was not lost.  We still wound up having a great meal after returning home and hitting up Johnny’s Big Burger here in Clarksville.

Johnny’ s Big Burger at 428 College Street has been making delicious food since 1965. Their burgers are fantastic! Always  fresh, handmade, and made to order. Not a bad end to our fun day.

Not only did we have a fantastic  time, but we also did this on a very thrifty budget.  For the price of less than a tank of gas, 5 dollars for both of us to play a game, (and Kimmy to win), and then well under $10.00 for a great meal to finish up our day, we considered this to be a FABULESS time.


Full and happy! Feeling fabuless!

We will definitely check it out again next year, and if you ever find yourself in the South you should check it out too!


Now we will leave you with a picture of a giant catfish. Because well, why not?!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

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