Chinese Food, a Movie, and a Photo Shoot (aka A Fabuless Girl’s Day In)

Hello once again fabuless fashionistas.  Recently Vicky, Kimmy and I decided to have a chill out kind of Saturday, instead of our usual hustle and bustle that are the norm of our weekend. But what to do? It had to be fabulous, fun and of course thrifty!

Easy decision. Let’s bring out the little girl in ourselves, dress up (in all our thrifted glory), and have a photo shoot! If you get a chance this is something that I think many would have fun doing. Grab a friend or two, dress up and “Vogue” for the camera! You can get as fancy, casual, or silly as you want. The point is that it is fun and FREE! You know how we love free!

After playing “model”, we ordered Chinese food and watched the Rogers and Hammerstein version of Cinderella on Netflixs.  This is absolutely hands down my very favorite version of this classic tale. We all sang along to the songs, remembering the words even after all these years. It almost seems “Impossible”, but things are happening everyday. If you got the reference to that song I know what you too are a true Cinderella fan! Of course we had to moon over the Prince, and  admire her gown!  And how about those shoes!  What fashionista wouldn’t love a pair of her very own.

So here are a few of the pics that we took on this fabuless Girl’s Day In!


Beige Wedge style heels by Saint John’s Bay purchased at Walmart



Dress by Karen-Catalina

Kimmy looking lovely in a black halter style dress with black bodice and polka dot skirt.  This dress was not  thrifted, it was free! Gifted from a friend who told me to see whoever could wear it. Kimmy was the first to try it on and looked so adorable that I am sure that Vicky and I will both have to give it a go. It may end up being a “shared” item, much like the pants in the book, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” Who knows this dress may have it’s own magical qualities!

DSC_0115          DSC_0116


Maybe he will turn into a prince!

Vicky looks gorgeous showing her “wild” side in a leopard print dress by Chico’s. Red heels by Jessica Simpson. Both the dress and shoes were purchased at Goodwill.

DSC_0111          DSC_0112

DSC_0110          DSC_0106

Feeling summery in a blue and pink floral skirt  by Old Navy. Pink ruffled tank top by Gap. Sandals by Charlotte Russe. Buckle style belt brand unknown. Head to toe, Goodwill purchases!


Black spaghetti strap dress with slit by Just Love.



Black elbow length gloves found at a yard sale years ago.

kim as audrey

Kimmy and her pretty pup

One of our “silly” moments!  Recreating the Audrey Hepburn pose from the movie poster Breakfast at Tiffanys. We didn’t have a kitty cat so Kimmy’s pug,  Daisy worked as  body double. But don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the recreation of this photo. And for being such a good sport Daisy was rewarded with a treat afterward!


The Straw hat is a keepsake I kept from when my daughter was small. It was her Easter bonnet


Black sunglasses a gift from my daughter


Floral Sarong style dress by Snap purchased at Goodwill



Blue Sleeveless draped dress with ruffled bodice by Julian-Taylor New York


Close up of the beautiful bodice of the dress


Black Lace skirt by ilyza  New York


Zippered leather vest by Gorgio Fiorflini


DSC_0157 (2)

Hot pink skirt by Worthington



Multi colored top with ruching  by Dots

DSC_0148 (2)

Just checking to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Nope it’s not, we are having all the fun on our side of the fence!


Black&White striped tank by Lane Bryant Pleather skirt with cut out hem by Colleen Lopez


Just wondering how many thrift stores there are in the world and how we can get to them!


Vintage pink Angora sweater by Fully Fashioned of Angelon by Darlene  Pearl and Bow earrings purchased at Catos



Shoes by Reaction Kenneth Cole


Okay, I have to admit this dress by Rose Tattoo is one of the most “out of character” purchases I have made at Goodwill.  Vicky had spotted it one day while the three of us were out shopping, but none of us tried it on. After I went home I just couldn’t get the dress out of my mind. I kept thinking that the probability was low that anyone else I knew would have one like it, and it reminded me of an Andy Warhol pop art piece. So I went back a couple of days later, tried it on, and it became mine. Now to get up the courage to wear it out!


Red dress with white polka dots by R&K Originals Black Petticoat purchased at Southern Thrift in Nashville TN

Just so you know, I don’t normally wear the petticoat with this dress! It was just for fun for the photo shoot. (It made me feel like a Flamenco dancer!) I had purchased it last year as part of a Halloween costume.


Vicky and I had our annual Birthday Bash party in March at our favorite place again this year. That is of course Murph’s Country Music Barn. Check them out on Facebook! This time Vicky styled her black lace skirt with a pretty off the shoulder blouse purchased at Cato’s.

Vicky’s husband, Jim surprised Vicky by showing up to the party after telling her that he was not going to be able to make it due to his having to work.  You should have seen her face light up when she saw him come through the door!

20170325_211035 (1)

Vicky dancing with her sweet hubby, Jim

20170325_202318 (1)

Vicky feeling happy with her Birthday surprise!

The following pics were the last ones we did for our fun fabuless photoshoot. We found out you are never too old to play dress up!


DSC_0205          P1160499


Vicky getting glammed up and looking lovely . Black Satin slip by Secret Treasures.

me in dress up

It’s always fun playing dress up!

So that’s it for a fun and practically “free” Girls Day In. The only cost was our food which was only about 9 bucks a piece plus tip. But of course the best part was sharing a day and some laughs with wonderful friends. And of course that is PRICELESS!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

P.S. Unless other wise stated all clothing was purchased at Goodwill!

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  1. kirbylove99 says:

    Love it! Great pictures & article!

    On Jul 19, 2017 4:24 PM, “fiftythriftyandfabuless” wrote:

    > fiftythriftyandfabuless posted: “Hello once again fabuless fashionistas. > Recently Vicky, Kimmy and I decided to have a chill out kind of Saturday, > instead of our usual hustle and bustle that are the norm of our weekend. > But what to do? It had to be fabulous, fun and of course thrifty! ” >


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