The Catch of the Day! (An update to a Mermaid Inspired Bathroom)


Hello once again, fabuless fashionistas, Teresa here with a short update . A couple of months ago I had posted a blog about home décor and thrift shopping and I shared pictures of my mermaid inspired bathroom which included practically all thrifted items. At the time I mentioned how I had looked for a mermaid shower curtain that fit into my “minnow” type budget but to no avail.  I had searched online and while there were many beautiful choices,( almost as many as there is fish in the sea), I wasn’t ready to pay retail for a mermaid tail! Instead I found a lovely multi colored blue shower curtain at Goodwill  that was very beach like and was a nice compromise until I could “fish” around and find the elusive mermaid  I sought.

Well, just last week I got lucky. On a whim I ran into one of our local Goodwill Stores just to take a look around and see what I could find. To be honest I didn’t even have home décor on my mind, but as I walked by the linens and curtains area,  something caught my eye.  Beautiful green and blues  the colors of the sea. Intrigued I went to take a closer look, and to my surprise when I unfolded it, there she was! A beautiful shining mermaid! What a lucky catch at only $4.99! So of course it went into my net/shopping cart and I went away happy as a clam.mermaid shower curtain

Of course I knew $4.99 was a great deal, but I wanted to find out just how well I had done. I looked on Amazon and found this exact item. The brand is Chez Max . It was on sale for $17.99, but that was 60% off. The original retail price was $44.99! I also checked on eBay and found one priced at $28.99 and another at $30.57. This definitely was the deal that didn’t get away , which made this Pisces woman, (hey maybe that’s why I like Mermaids so much) happy!

So I guess the moral of this fish tale is if you are willing to be a little patient, and check out your local thrift stores you too can come away with a great catch!

Till next time, be thrifty and stay fabuless!




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