The Fabulous and the Fabuless at the Hop A fun, fantastic night in the 50’s

h the fabulous 1950’s.  A bygone era when things seemed,  well just a little bit sweeter. Whether you were sharing that first awkward slow dance, (you know the one)  where you just slowly dance in circles while occasionally peering up at your sweetheart through your fluttering eyelashes, or cruising the strip rocking out to Chuck Berry, it was a simpler time. A time of good music, fun and fashion!  And this weekend my friend Kimmy and I had the opportunity to step back in time and enjoy a taste of these bygone days.  Murph’s Country Music Barn, (one of my most favorite places to spend a Saturday night), held their first very own 50’s style sock hop!

Stepping in the door we were transported back in time as the band, Murph and the Starliters were in full swing, playing Ruby Baby, by Dion. Lots of great music from the era followed and kept people “hoppin” on the dance floor!Resized_20170812_223825 (1)

Stevie Coleman guitar and lead vocals. Shelton Bissell on Sax. Eddie Young (sitting) guitar and vocals. Andy Simpson bass and Ted Nicholson, drums.


Murph Winters owner of Murph’s Country Music Barn on bass



Here are some pictures of all the fabulous people in costume!


Reba looks divine in her red poodle skirt. Reba was featured in an earlier blog post of ours  named Meet  Reba. She is always fashionable and tonight was no exception!



This cute couple is Mike and Marianna Tanner. Don’t they look adorable in their coordinating outfits.


It was very nice to meet Marianna and Mike. Such a nice couple and boy could they dance! They were lots of fun to watch . Thank you both for letting us share your picture, and thanks to Marianna for letting us know where she found her gorgeous dress.   It is from Black Butterfly. Check out their site they had some beautiful vintage inspired clothing.


Pretty in pink and polka dots! Tonya Hunter, (Murph and Lavonne’s daughter) in pink and cute as a button Charlene Shadoan Johnson in red and white polka dots!


Check out the Charlene’s amazing glasses and love the pearls!  Tonya definitely has the 50’s look down with her cute footwear,


Some pics of the dancers on the floor bopping the night away!


Possible Elvis and Marilyn sighting


Reba, Lavonne and I enjoying the music



Resized_20170812_224606 (1)

Marianna was nice enough to join me out on the floor


My bestie Kim sharing a dance with our friend Don



The boss decorations were provided by Linda Wood and Carol Heron and were purchased at Images of bobby soxers, cars, and of course the “king” Elvis helped to set the mood. Both Carol and Linda are part of a dance club out of Kentucky that frequent Murphs. If you want to learn to line dance these lovely ladies are always glad to help. There is free line dancing lessons from 6:30 to 7:30 every Saturday night!

Murph’s has a great restaurant where you can always get some delicious food including burgers, fries, nachos and more, but for this occasions they added floats and malts to the menu. Fun and yummy!


Lavonne Winters also known as Bea looking lovely in her fifties attire. Love her monogram L pin!


More pics of the fun night and the people that made it memorable!


Just posing


Drummer Ted Nicholson. Cooler than the Fonz!



Kathy is the lady in red tonight! Kathy will always greet you with her beautiful smile when you come into Murph’s on a Saturday night.




Cutie Kathy and Murph the Main Man



Me and my friend Carlos (aka Goody) The leather cap Carlos is wearing is vintage 1963. How cool is that?! Carlos is also an incredible musician who sometimes plays with the Starliters and also has his own very talented band called Last Rebel. They play all over so it may be a location near you. If so you should check them out!

Resized_20170812_225757 (1)

We kept Don busy on the dance floor!


Check out Kimmy’s Saddle Shoes! We called them bee bops back in the day!



Posing with Andy Stimpson. Bass player extraordinaire!


Kimmy and the King of Rock and Roll!



Fun, fun, fun!



Kimmy’s full skirted blue dress by Gown Town Only 5.99 at Goodwill


Murph checking his hair and me swooning



Ted doing the “Bowser” pose


Dress purchased at Goodwill for $5.99 No brand listed. Black petticoat purchased at Southern Thrift in Nashville. Shoes are Reaction by Kenneth Cole also purchased at Goodwill. Black belt was a Goodwill find for $1.99. Total cost of outfit well under $15.00

So that’s it folks. I would like to thank all the great folks at Murphs for an absolutely fantastic time. Rumor has it that there may be a possible 70’s/80’s party in the future. You can bet if there is I will be there with bells on, or at the least bell bottoms, and you can be sure they will be thrifted!

If you would like more information on Murph’s Country Music Barn you can check them out on Facebook.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!


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