Weekend Fun/ Thrifting in Dickson Tennessee


Hello fabuless fashionistas and happy fall ya all! Hard to believe that Autumn is officially here.  Especially since here in our little Southern city, we have had temperatures in the high eighties! Not exactly sweater and boot weather, but that has not stopped us from shopping for some fall wardrobe items, namely at our favorite place, Goodwill!

This weekend my friend Kimmy and I headed out of Clarksville and traveled the short distance to Dickson to check out the deals at the Goodwill there. Much to my chagrin Kimmy outdid me in the thrifting department (this time), as she came away with several wonderful finds!  Though I didn’t leave empty handed I did find only one item, but it was funky and fun and fifty percent off so that made me feel a little better. Also I had already exhausted the three local Goodwill stores this week and luckily did find some beautiful things to start building my Fall wardrobe!

Well, I guess I may as well start with my one fabuless find.  This ” spring” green, (ironic, I know when we were  shopping for fall fashions), tote. There was no tag that had a brand listed so I have  no idea where it originally came from, but I absolutely adore it. I kinda have this thing about lip prints so I just couldn’t pass it up. Especially since at half price it was only $2.00. Since the weather here is still quite summer like I thought  perhaps I could carry it a few more times. In fact I carried it the next day pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans and a bright pink tee. Very casual, but the tote was my statement piece.


As I said, Kimmy was able to find more than me on this trip, (lucky girl!), and she got some great deals. Starting with a pair of gray patterned leggings by AB Studio, that were brand new. The original price tag was still attached. Retail cost $44.00! Kimmy’s cost $4.49!


Deal of the Day!

Look at this gorgeous black suede and leather skirt Kimmy found for only $4.99!  She will definitely have to let us do a photo shoot of her wearing this fabulous find!IMG952286



Brand tag of skirt

So as you can see I was not the ONLY one to purchase something that was not totally seasonal.  These adorable polka dot sandals by St. Johns Bay were just too cute for Kimmy to leave behind!


The plaque in this pic was a gift from me to Kim. Of course I had purchased it at Goodwill!


Love this beautiful tank with a diamond graphic high/low sheer draped detail.


Long sleeved scoop neck sweater by Ann Taylor Loft. The lovely green color is perfect for fall.



A better view of the AB leggings.

After our little shopping spree we were hungry! After all what is a girl’s day out shopping spree without a little lunch.  We checked out yelp to see what Dickson had to offer in the way of eats.   When we saw that there was a place called Little Bite of Everything, and that it offered BOTH burgers and cupcakes….well we knew we had found our place. Believe me it did not disappoint! We both ordered  their OC burger and decided to share an order of fries so we could save room for a cupcake.  Wise choice as the portion of fries was more than enough to share.Resized_20170923_150625

I will let you in on a little secret.  When Kimmy and I get together we LOVE to talk. And talk and talk and talk….  But from the moment we took that first bite of burger, our conversation came to an almost screeching halt. The most we could manage were some ooohs , ahhhs and yums!


All we could say was YUM!


Burgers AND Cake! What more can a girl ask for?  Kim’s floral skirt and royal blue top were previous Goodwill purchases.


Such a great selection. It was hard to choose.




The décor was cute and atmosphere friendly. White peasant tie up top by JW style, a recent GW purchase.


Our final choices. Me the Game Day on right. Kim , the Cannoli. Both delicious!

We have already decided we will definitely be making another trip so we can have another “Little Bite of Everything.”  Check out their website. littlebiteofeverything.com for more info, including menu options, prices and more. Then go get yourself a burger!

Before we headed home we checked out this cute shop called High Cotton. It has a mix of antiques, furniture, home décor, jewelry and more. Definitely a place you will want to check out when you visit Dickson.

Resized_20170923_150612 (1)

Love their sign, Where the Junk has Funk!


You are here. Kimmy pointing to where we are on the map!


High Cotton had a nice variety of funny greeting cards also.  A great place to find a unique gift and a card to go with it , too!

So this concluded out little out of town thrifting trip. It was loads of fabuless fun and it just goes to show you  that you don’t have to travel too far from home to find new and fun places!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!


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