The Cost of Halloween Costumes doesn’t have to be Scary!

Hello to  all you boo-tiful,  fabuless, frightening, and fiendish fashionistas.  All Hallows eve is drawing near, and perhaps you have a costume party to attend, or you are taking some little ones out for a bit of  trick or treating and want to join in on the fun of wearing a costume. Or it could be that you just want to surprise the ghosts and ghouls who will be ringing your doorbell and asking for treats with your own awesome attire. Whatever the reason, it is always fun to dress up!

But let’s face the scary truth, ready-made costumes can be a little pricey. And if you do a homemade costume, not only will you save money, but you can totally make it your own. You may not be the ONLY   witch at the party, but at least you won’t look exactly like the three other witches there! So take a look in your own closet or take a quick trip to your local Goodwill or other thrift stores and see what you can  find.  After all putting together your own costume is half the fun!

Here is our own “Dreadful Dolly” modeling a few of the things we “brewed” up for a “scary cheap” Halloween look!


This devil DOESN’T wear Prada, but she still looks devilishly delightful

Got a red dress hanging in your closet?  Add a tail and horns, and you are a devil! The red dress is owned by Vicky. The black belt I recently bought at Goodwill, and the tail and horns were already in my closet. (Don’t ask why, lol)


Pretty Pirate

Arrgghh, get the pirate look without cleaning out your treasure chest. The black and white chevron shirt and black skirt are two of my previous Goodwill purchases along with the red and black head scarf and black suede, over the knee boots. The red sash/belt is just a piece of material that was on hand.


Add a skull and crossbones earring and a blingy bracelet for an extra touch. The earring  is half  of a pair that Vicky gifted me several years ago when I had gone to a party as a pirate. Vicky designed and hand-made these as a part of her Transformations jewelry collection.   The bracelet is from Catos.  If you want to get really authentic you can add an eye patch, a sword,  even carry a small treasure chest filled with gold foil covered chocolate coins. Accessories can really make your costume stand out from the crowd .


This rocker chick is wearing the  mate earring to the one that the pretty pirate wore in a previous pic. This one has a dangling guitar. Perfect! Feather adorned microphone from Dollar Tree.

Check out these fun and funky lip print pants from Vicky’s closet. This was one of her more unique finds at Goodwill. Of course we had to find a way to incorporate them into a Halloween costume, so add my black leather jacket, (a Goodwill purchase), a fringed head scarf, (a yard sale find), Kimmy’s black boots, a red feather boa, (borrowed from a friend) and there you have it, Rocker Chick! So there is a little bit of a “rocker”, in all of us it seems. Another tip is to  check with friends and family to see if they have anything you can borrow. After all you can’t beat free!


The white chop stick belong to Kimmy.

Try a lovely Kimono and paper parasol for a unique costume choice. The Kimono belongs to Vicky. She purchased it at a yard sale. The parasol is one of my yard sale finds.


Vicky created these earrings for her sister, Kimmy. The  small wooden doll was part of an old pair of earrings she had as a child which had fallen apart. Vicky refurbished them for her and they are now one of Kimmy’s faves!


50’s girl. Let’s go to the Hop!

This costume is totally Kimmy! She made the poodle skirt herself, as well as the corsage. And yes, those are her original saddle shoes! If you like the 50’s girl look, but don’t have any saddle shoes, you can purchase a cheap pair of flat white tennis shoes, and paint the black detail on yourself. How about that bouffant hairdo! Kimmy purchased it recently at a store in Nashville called Dirt Cheap. I think it was $1.49!


Check out how Kimmy decorated the back of her sweater! All it took was a little black felt and some imagination!



This is our super hero, Thrifty Gal!

Another use for the big, blonde, bouffant! Our caped crusader’s outfit is totally Goodwill and totally Kimmy’s idea.  Too cute!


Fallen Angel

This black halter style dress works well as a dark angel costume. Of course it came from a local Goodwill. The black and silver wings and halo I purchased in Florida a couple of years ago, when Vicky, Kimmy and I took a road trip. And of course it wouldn’t be a road trip for us if we didn’t check out the local thrifting scene.  Our trip was in May, but I couldn’t pass these up, when they were only 49 cents! I knew they would come in handy one day! You could also add black feather earrings to top off the angel theme.


Saloon Sally

Purple corset purchased at City Thrift. Turquoise blue skirt from Goodwill. Black petticoat from Southern Thrift in Nashville. Purple boa borrowed from a friend. Add some rhinestone jewelry and a feathered headdress and you are all set to go back in time.  Who knows, you may even run into a Cowboy at your party. Yee Haw!


The feathered head band was borrowed from a friend and I had the peacock feathers, so I just added them in to make it fuller.


Gypsy woman


Same turquoise skirt, but this time paired with a purple peasant style top, and a coin embellished belly dancer scarf. It is hard to see the detail on the vintage head scarf but it has different maps printed on it. I thought that was a perfect touch for a traveling gypsy princess. Sometimes it is all in the small details.   Don’t forget to add lots of necklaces and bangle bracelets. I have a tambourine with ribbons tied to it  as a prop for this costume, and you could also carry a “crystal ball” to tell fortunes. Perhaps one of your kids old Magic 8 balls, just for a laugh.  The skirt, coin embellished sash, headscarf and tambourine were all finds at Goodwill.


Witchy woman (The cute black cat candy dish belongs to Kimmy. Of course she got it at Goodwill!) Check them out for inexpensive Halloween décor.

What would Halloween be without a witch in the mix? It is a classic Halloween costume,  and oh so simple. Black dress, pointy hat, and you are ready. Of course you can add any accessories you like to play up  your “wicked” look, including her ride, (the old trusty broom), or carry a plastic cauldron filled with terrifying treats to share with the guys and the ghouls. A plastic hand-held jack-0-lantern can serve as a purse. Just make sure to not let all your “goodies” fall out. For those who don’t care for the typical “old hag”  effect,  you can definitely pretty up your  look. Accessorize with some rhinestone jewelry, a pair of elbow length silk gloves, a feather boa,  put on a little glitter and you become one glamorous witch, a Glitch, if you will! So many ways to make this classic your own. Just let your imagination run wild.

The black dress is  from my closet and was purchased at Goodwill. Again I have used the black petticoat for this one.  The pointy black hat was leftover from my days in the coven. Just kidding! I  bought it so long ago I can’t remember when but I have kept it all  these years. After all you never know when you will need to don your pointy hat, get on your broom and ride!


I hope that we have given you a few ideas and have shown you that you that you don’t have to give   an arm and a leg, ( a little zombie humor,) to have a fright filled and fabuless Halloween.  Now get in your closet or haunt your local thrift store and see what kind of costume you can scare up and have a happy and safe Halloween.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Vicky and Teresa

P.S. Thank you to Kimmy for use of her home and her help in putting together the scenes.

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