The Fashion World in Black and White (with a pop of red, now and then)

What is black and white and red all over? We have all heard that riddle at one time or another in our lives, I’m sure. Of course there were several optional answers to this classic question.  A newspaper. A zebra with a sunburn. A skunk with diaper rash. Well the answer for today, at least for the purposes of this blog is three fifty something, thrifty and fabuless friends and their thrifted fashion finds!

Looking through my closet recently, I noticed I had quite a few black and white pieces, along with a few red items. After talking to Vicky and Kimmy about this, they mentioned they also had plenty of  clothing of these particular pigmentation.  Of course basic black is always a fashion staple, and I happen to love the combination of black and white. Throw in my favorite color red and there is the inspiration for our most recent photo shoot.

As always the majority of the clothes featured here are of the thrifted variety, but there may be one or two pieces that were purchased at a retail store. We will let you know in the comments. And now on with the show….

DSC_0843 Don’t know if Kimmy is a zebra or a bunny in this pic! Vicky has given her “rabbit ears.”

Kimmy’s zebra jacket is from Cato Vicky’s is from Dana Buchman. Both were purchased at Goodwill.


Vicky is all smiles thinking how little her classy black and white number cost her!


Black and White Chevron stripe dress is by Apt 9. This brand is sold at Kohls,  but of course Vicky paid less for hers at Goodwill! Black coat is by Mossimo and was purchased at Target, but to her credit, it was on clearance…. Her nice shiny black patent leather boots are Jamie by Cloud Walkers. These were purchased at Goodwill at our most recent trip there. The red quilted bag had no markings, but we discovered on this shoot, that it is reversible. The reverse side is black and white zebra print. It too was purchased at good ole GW!


Found this fabulous blouse at Goodwill on a day I just went in on a whim. It is by Mischa and is the perfect color combo! Black Leather skirt with scalloped hem by Colleen Lopez and boot by Franco Sarto. Thrifted head to toe!


Kimmy looks like a million bucks, but spent very little on her thrifted outfit. Black and white striped skirt by Ashley Blue. Short black booties by Classic Element White long sleeve tee by White Stag. Don’t have the brand name of the black suede jacket and belt but they also came from Goodwill.



Kimmy changed up her look a little with a red jacket from Cato. (Don’t mind us, we were just “vogueing” it a little!



Glam Sisters! Vicky also changed her look by exchanging her full length coat for a short black leather jacket by Black Rivel 4 People with Personality. Perfect for Vicky as she has personality galore!




Black and Red ruffled plaid blouse by Chaps. Short black booties by Franco Sarto. Black Coated leggings by Faded Glory.  Blouse and boots purchased at Goodwill. Leggings purchased at WalMart.

20171013_093235                               20171013_093221 (1)

When I purchased this blouse it still had the original tag attached. New, never worn. Retail price $55.00. Goodwill price $4.49. I saved $50.51!  That’s why I love thrifting!


Added a leather jacket (Goodwill purchase) and over the knee black suede boots (purchased at City Thrift) for a little change.


Vicky’s black leather pants by Rue Plus, red and gold graphic tank by Faded Glory, both purchased at Goodwill. Knee high boots with gold buckle detail by Cato. Vicky purchased her boots at Cato with a gift certificate, so they were free for her!


A better view of those fierce boots!


Kimmy rockin her own black leather and suede look with this awesome skirt purchased at Goodwill. Black blouse by Fashion Bug and suede boots by Stuart Weistzman also Goodwill buys.  The cool hat came from her own closet!


Classic Black and White. Leggings by Last Exit. Black ruffle and zipper detail blouse by INC International Concept. Vicky lives by the concept that you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous. Outfit purchased at Goodwill.


Black fringed shawl by Croft and Barrow and Lace up boots by Just Fab. Boots and shawl thrifted finds!


Vicky has gone from leather to lace. Lace skirt by ILyza. Black boots Ana Michelle. Sparkle embellished tank top by Faded Glory. All purchased at Goodwill. Her Harley Davidson cap was a gift and her earring and cuff bracelet were purchased at Cato. P.S. just check out this chick’s gorgeous blue eyes!


An outfit perfect for the office. Kim is wearing a black& white polka dot inspired skirt by Worthington. Button down blouse by George. Outfit purchased at Goodwill. The necklace she is wearing was made by our very own Vicky, part of her Transformations jewelry line. Also the very striking black and white photo she is posing next to was taken by Kimmy, herself. So proud of my very creative and talented friends!


Check out this striking black and white combo!  Black cold shoulder blouse by Style and Co. Shoes by Qupid. This head to toe look including the black and white graphic pants were purchased at Goodwill.  You would definitely stand out from the crowd in this ensemble in the most fabuless way!

DSC_0711      DSC_0732     DSC_0730

This little party dress with the silver spangles by Jerry Beck, was just so much fun, we all took a turn trying it on! Vicky found this little gem at Goodwill!


Speaking of party dresses Kimmy is wearing a beautiful dress by Wishes Wishes Wishes.  Perfect for a holiday celebration! Purchased at Goodwill.



This dress looks lovely coming or going. Check out the beautiful lace detail on the back.


Vicky’s classic black strapless dress by Just Love makes for a gorgeous party look. Topped with a sheer black overlay by White Stag she is ready for a night on the town! Necklace purchased at Cato. Dress and Overlay are GW!


This black and white sweater dress was previously featured in a previous blog, Dolly styles 99 cent sweater dresses. Yep, this one only cost 99 cents at Goodwill!


Kimmy’s adorable red sweater dress came from Cato, but of course it was thrifted!


I know that the dress is supposed to be the focal point of this pic, but I want everyone to take a look to the right and see the folder marked Mr. Bark Lee, on the shelf. This is Kimmy’s portfolio, of her children’s book series, Mr. Bark Lee and Friends. Oh did I not mentioned that Kimmy is also a published author?!  Told you I had some talented and creative friends! You can check out Mr. Bark Lee on his own Facebook page.




Another 99 cent sweater dress from Goodwill! Brand a.n.a A New Approach I also purchased this absolutely fabulous Bestsey Johnson bag from Goodwill for only $9.99.


Black and Red plaid skirt with zipper detail and cable and gauge ribbed detail sweater. Thrifty finds!



Rhapsody dress with belt. Tags still attached on this dress also!




Black pleated wool skirt with buckle no brand White blouse by sharagano  Goodwill purchases




Rhapsody dress shown unbelted





Striped dress by xhilaration thrifted, red belt thrifted and red cap purchased at Kmart.


Dress by Torrid purchased at Goodwill. Vicky purchased these red shoes by ossolae on-line.


Speaking of shoes check out these thrifted beauties!


Brand Qupid Owned by Kimmy



Brand Aigner owned by Vicky



Brand Self Esteem/ Owner Vicky 


Now that you have the  “low” down on our black, white and red extravaganza, here are just a few pics of us having some fun!

DSC_0756  DSC_0752   DSC_0753 We’ve been “framed”, we didn’t do it!


Sister Shenanigans!


Whee! going for a spin  in the office chair!

DSC_0854   DSC_0848

Vicky kissed the lizard in a previous blog we did, so we figured it was our turn. Quite like his cousin, the frog, the lizard did NOT turn into a handsome prince! Oh well, maybe next time. Wait a minute! Next time?  What am I saying?  Hopefully we are not going to get into the habit of kissing critters!



Kimmy said she needed a touch of red. Using the leaves as earrings!


Feeling cheeky!


No paparazzi please!

We hoped you enjoyed this black and white edition of Fifty Thrifty and Fabuless. Hope you tune in next time. Till then, as always be thrifty and stay fabuless!








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2 Responses to The Fashion World in Black and White (with a pop of red, now and then)

  1. kirbylove99 says:

    FABULESS blog article & pics!!! Love the outfits! Y’all had a blast!

    On Nov 13, 2017 4:13 PM, “fiftythriftyandfabuless” wrote:

    > fiftythriftyandfabuless posted: “What is black and white and red all over? > We have all heard that riddle at one time or another in our lives, I’m > sure. Of course there were several optional answers to this classic > question. A newspaper. A zebra with a sunburn. A skunk with diaper rash. ” >

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  2. Leeann Greer says:

    This was the best one yet!!!! Y’all looked fantastic!!! Love love love!!’n


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