Motivational Monday

motivationalmonday3Why do Mondays always seem to come around so quickly? Wasn’t it just Friday and the start of that glorious thing we call the weekend? Oh well it’s here and there is no stopping it or the list of things that need to be done that comes with beginning of a new week.  However we would like to remind you that the number one thing on your To-Do-List, is to Be Fabulous! Because no matter who you are, rich or poor, young or old(er), tall, short or somewhere in between. Whoever you are, no matter where you are at in  this point in your life, YOU are fabulous! NEVER forget that. Let your light shine and be yourself.  Be fabulous because that is exactly what you are!  It will be the easiest thing to cross of your list.


Till next time, be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Love from Teresa and Vicky


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