Pretty in Pink (or how a 99 cent dress helped make my day)

Hello lovelies, Teresa here, half of the duo of Fiftythriftyandfabuless.  As you may know my friend Vicky and I love to thrift shop and find beautiful fashions for a fabuless  price. Lately however, I must admit, I have been suffering from lack of fashion passion. Not really sure what has been going on but lately I have found myself slipping back into my old habit of just putting on jeans and a tee and heading out the door.

Last week I had a doctor’s appointment, and the night before I was trying to decide what to wear.  No jeans, I thought, I want something light and airy. NOTHING that would add extra weight to that number on the scale! So I opted for a simple pink dress which I had purchased at Goodwill for only 99 cents. Add a pair black sandals, and my black and white Betsey Johnson purse with a pink bow (both of which were thrifted), and off I went.

While sitting in the waiting room area, a woman walked by me and commented, “I love your dress.”  I smiled  and thanked her, and felt something I hadn’t felt in a while, a sense of style.


When I was called back for my appointment, the nurse commented “Look at you, so bright and cheery!” “Did you dress up just for us today?”  Once again a smile appeared on my face as I thanked her and explained that I was just going to be out running errands after the appointment.


Then it was time to be seen by my doctor. When she walked in and said hello, she too mentioned liking my dress, and then she commented on my purse. “You are so coordinated today.” she said.  By this time my smile had grown as well as my sense of fashion esteem.  I left the doctor in higher spirits than I was when I arrived.


Then on to the errand portion of my day. I had stopped in The Dollar Tree to purchase some thank you cards, tissue paper and ribbon. Supplies , Vicky and I use a lot of when sending out the fabulous things we sell from our Poshmark Closet, B2fabulous. (That is another blog.)  While checking out the young lady at the register said, “I love your dress. It’s so retro.”

“Retro, good or retro old lady?”, I replied with a smile. After all she was a young lady in her mid twenties. ” Oh, good retro .”she said.” It reminds me of the sixties.” “Classic retro.” Then she asked if my bag was a Betsey Johnson, and we both said how we loved her designs and quirky sense of style. Just a little fashion talk between two different generations.

By the time I got home, I actually felt like a fashionista, and it felt good. And it felt really good that my entire outfit including, dress, sandals, and purse was under $20.00! In fact it felt FABULESS!

20180827_093708.jpgHere is a picture of the simple outfit that I wore that helped me regain just a little bit of my fashion confidence. The dress is by Tacera. A great purchase at just 99 cents! The sandals are dolce vita. I bought these a couple of years ago and they have been a summer staple for me. I have gotten so much wear out of them. And then there is my Betsey Johnson bag, definitely  one of my favorite Goodwill buys!


A pair of pink earring bought on clearance (of course), from Catos and a pair of pink sunglasses from the Dollar Tree   were the accessories I chose to complete the look.

So that is it, beauties, the tale of how a 99 cent dress from Goodwill made my day, brought back some of my fashion flair and made me feel “pretty in pink.”

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Love from Teresa






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    On Tue, Aug 28, 2018, 12:32 AM fiftythriftyandfabuless wrote:

    > fiftythriftyandfabuless posted: “Hello lovelies, Teresa here, half of the > duo of Fiftythriftyandfabuless. As you may know my friend Vicky and I love > to thrift shop and find beautiful fashions for a fabuless price. Lately > however, I must admit, I have been suffering from lack of fashion” >


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