Cheeseburgers and Versace


Hello once again fabuless  fashionistas.  It is Thursday and many of you may already be looking forward to the weekend. We know we are, as we will be getting our thrift on at Goodwill’s monthly half off everything in the store this Saturday! Always a great time to find fabuless deals! But first we wanted to share with you a couple of amazing discoveries that we found this past weekend.

Vicky, Kimmy and I decided to take a short road trip to Lafayette, Kentucky after Vicky watched an episode of Tennessee Crossroads which featured the restaurant Brick Oven Grill and Deli. And boy howdy, are we glad we did!  As we entered the restaurant we were overtaken by the delicious smells of home cooking and knew we were in for some great food.


Vicky signing the guest register.

The building that is now home to Brick Oven Grill and Deli was built in 1937 and was at one time the largest hardware store in the state of Kentucky. The current owners and operators of this establishment have retained a portion of the building for some hardware. This is a family owned and operated business. They also have other merchandise including handmade wood crafts, tee shirts and more. The warm and cozy atmosphere of an old General Store combined with the restaurant makes this a must visit.


Carolyn Hancock  and Becky Nichols are a Mother/Daughter team in this venture. Isn’t that neat?

Carolyn was our super friendly server, and Becky the amazing cook.  We were so happy that they took a moment to let us get this picture!


Kimmy perusing the menu.

While there were so many yummy things on the menu, somehow we all ended up getting cheeseburgers! While I enjoyed a side of fries with mine, Kimmy opted for some cornbread and Vicky enjoyed a bowl of white beans.  Hey it was the weekend, and carbs don’t count on the weekend, right…?


Vicky said the white beans were fabulous. She shared a bite with us and we had to agree. YUM!


Check out the size of that burger!


Mmmmm, carbs!


As you can see the portions are generous and the prices are very reasonable. You just can’t beat a deal like that and you know how much we love a good deal! And now let’s talk desserts….


Homemade Coca Cola Cake, Coconut Pineapple Cake , and Brownie Overload. We all got something different so we could share!


Though we were more than full we just couldn’t resist including dessert. Remember carbs don’t count on the weekend. (wink, wink). I guess we may have been a little vocal with our oohs and aahs  over the deliciousness as we had several people stop by our table to see what we were having for dessert. Kind of like a when Harry Met Sally scenario. I’ll have what they’re having!

Now just to share a few photos of the hardware/general store portion of the building and the restaurant so you can get a feel for the atmosphere.

20190126_125414 20190126_142550


We loved these tee shirts considering Murphs Country Music Barn is one of our favorite places!

If you get a chance be sure to make a stop at Brick Oven Grill and Deli.   You will definitely be glad you did. Also be sure to check out their Facebook page

As we were leaving we spotted a  free lending library. Kimmy happened to have one of her Mr. Bark Lee series books in her vehicle and we stopped so that she could contribute one of her sweet children’s books. Now Skippy the Skunk can be enjoyed by the boys and girls of Lafayette! Don’t forget if you would like to have Skippy the Skunk in your child’s library or any of the books in the Mr. Bark Lee series, they can be found on Amazon, along with Kimmy’s newest book, Elves on Vacation Fun at the Grocery store.20190126_143548After leaving Lafayette we decided to head to Hopkinsville, KY to check out their Goodwill and hopefully  discover some hidden gems. I am happy to say that we hit the jackpot, finding a beautiful Halston Heritage dress, and get this…  a gorgeous Versace dress!  Cheeseburgers AND Versace! To say the least this made for a great girl’s road trip.


The find of the day, this gorgeous Versace dress.


Beautiful silk Halston dress


20190128_123541             20190128_115821Just a couple of more adorable dresses we found. Perfect for Summer. We will be adding these dresses very soon to our Poshmark Closet. You can look for all of these beautiful items and more on Poshmark. Our closet name is  B2fabulous. We have all brands, styles, and sizes. Come on and join our followers, over 80,000 to date and growing. You may just find something to make you feel FABULOUS!

So in conclusion while we can’t guarantee you will find Versace on your next thrifting trip, we can say for sure if you visit The Brick Oven Grill and Deli you will definitely find a great meal and a friendly staff!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Teresa and Vickylipprint

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