Bling, Rings and Sparkly Things

Hello fabuless fashionistas. Today we are talking about accessories, in particular jewelry. Jewels, gems, bling, whatever you choose to call the things you adorn your body with , may hold a key to your personality. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., are all vital ways of self-expression so the jewelry you wear can reveal some of your personality traits.  But to figure out what personality type you are you should examine your most frequently worn pieces. Your favorite piece of jewelry can be a dead give-away.

Are you a bracelet fan? Bracelet wearers are seen as vivacious, sparkling, dynamic individuals who go after what they want..  Also did you know that layering bracelets can give you a slimmer appearance. The same is true with necklaces.  The eye is subconsciously drawn to the wrist and neckline, parts of your body you like. So if you are feeling bold, go ahead and stack them up!

If earrings are your go to accessory you’re probably a proud, secretly bold person who doesn’t want to get lost in the crowd.

Wearing religious symbols such as a cross or Star of David, more often than other jewelry shows that you are idealistic, sincere, and extremely loyal and dependable.

Are rings your thing? Choosing a ring over other jewelry shows that you are most likely a level-headed down to earth person.

Well, now that we have discussed the classification  of jewelry, let’s delve just a little deeper into the style of said gems.


If you like costume jewelry, big hoop earrings, extravagant cocktail rings, statement necklaces and bold bright colors, you are seen as a cheerful, outgoing person who is fun to be around and is not afraid of being in the spotlight.costumegems

Perhaps you prefer your jewelry to be color coordinated with matched sets of earrings and necklace or bracelet. You tend to be organized, responsible and are considered neat and professional.


Love to wear recycled or natural element jewelry? You are a true nature lover. While you may have an array of colors in your jewelry box, you tend to lean toward earth tones, such as forest green or ocean blue.


Are you an antique jewelry buff? Wearing vintage or antique jewelry shows that you love nostalgia. You love to know the story behind the pieces you wear. You are funny, a good conversationalist and a trend setter.


Are you wearing handmade gems? Then you are considered artsy and unique. You love  wearing one of a kind pieces that won’t be seen on someone else. Speaking of hand-made jewelry, our very own Vicky Clinard has a line of handmade jewelry called Transformations. She has created fabulous  OOAK earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  You can see and purchase some of her beautiful pieces in our Poshmark Closet, B2fabulous. Be sure to check it out. Other

Now, as they say we are saving the best for last. If you wear only the best of the best, elegant items like diamond tennis bracelets, real pearls, solitaire diamond or gemstone rings or earrings, you are perceived as someone with traditional values and classic taste. You are family oriented and pay attention to details.



So  which of these categories fits YOUR personality. One, all, a little of this or a lot of that,  or perhaps it depends on your  outfit or your mood. Which ever you choose just know that the next time you don your baubles the world is looking and perhaps figuring you out without you saying a word!

P.S. Antique stores, thrift shops, etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, are all great  places to look for jewels and perhaps get a great deal, and isn’t a great deal the most precious gem of all!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.


Teresa and Vickylipprint



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