Hello fabuless fashionistas.  The first day of Spring is finally here, and if you are anything like us, you are happy to see this day come. It has been a cold and rainy winter here in our part of the South and we are definitely looking forward to some sunshine and warmer weather.

We love the Spring, when the grass starts to get green again, trees and flowers are beginning to blossom and the days are a little longer giving us  more time to enjoy the beautiful blue skies.  Spring is definitely a time of welcome renewal!


Speaking of renewal, Spring is also a great time to renew your wardrobe. Time to start thinking of replacing leggings and boots with cute Spring dresses, sandals, and skirts. And we definitely have a place for you to shop where you can find all this and more!


Check out our closet B2fabulous on Poshmark.  We have sooo many styles from which  to choose. Florals, stripes, polka dots, fun prints, all things to brighten up your wardrobe. And not to worry, we still have jackets, sweaters, and lightweight coats for the chillier days and nights that are still to come.




Whether  your personal style is classic, bohemian, tailored, fun, eclectic, whatever…. we have it all and in all sizes from petite to plus and every size in between.  We also have a few vintage pieces as well as some vintage style items .  You are sure to find something you love in our closet.


For those of you may not be aware that we are a part of the Poshmark  style world, let us give you just a little bit of information about our closet. We have been  a part of  the “Posh” life since February 20, 2018.  We currently have over 92,000 followers, (and we would love for you to be one of them.)We  are a top seller, AND a top rated seller. We have a five star rating, which is the highest rating which you can achieve. We also love to share items from other posher’s closets so you can find them and see what beautiful items they have for sale. Hey we don’t mind spreading the love!

We package our items with care and send a personalized thank you note to our buyers along with a little surprise gift, just to show our appreciation. Vicky is the ultimate wrapping diva. She makes each package we send out absolutely FABULOUS! I am the writer of the thank you notes. We definitely work as a team.


package 2

Just a couple of examples of Vicky’s creative packaging

We love our buyers and it seems they love us too! Here is just a few of our five star rating reviews.


review3review2review4In conclusion if you are planning some changes to your wardrobe for the season  be sure to “spring” on over to Poshmark and check out our closet. If you see something you love make us an offer. We consider all reasonable offers. And don’t forget to follow. We would love to reach 100,000 followers with your help!

Happy Spring and until next time, as always, be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Love from Teresa and Vicky.


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