Motivational Monday

Hello and happy Monday.   If you are of a certain age it seems that everywhere you look, on television, and magazines there is always someone telling you what should not be wearing as you get older.  Well, we compiled our own small list and have no fear, these are things that ALL women can and should wear fabulously. We hope it helps to motivate you today!

  1. smile2

A smile. A smile makes you attractive. We are naturally drawn to people who smile. There is a real physical attraction factor linked to the act of smiling. It is also known to relieve stress, elevate your mood, lower blood pressure and boost your immune system. Also smiling is contagious. So give a smile to someone and let them pass it on. You and the world will be more beautiful for it!

2. Confidence


So many times women of a certain age start to lose some of the confidence they had in their younger years.  Dwelling on the negative aspects of getting older instead of the benefits.  Each season of your life has it’s beauty. Finding it is key. There are so many wonderful things about growing older. One of them, just being that!  You are still alive to tell your story. Your triumphs, your losses, all the good, bad and in between that you have lived through make you the absolutely fabulous being that you are today. Hold your head high and rock on. You still got it going on!

3.  Makeup or No Makeup.


Whether you are someone who would not be caught dead without a full made up face or if you are one who prefers to be completely natural it doesn’t matter. Being you is the best thing to be.

4. Your own unique style.


Don’t look just like everyone else? That means you are going something right. Style is such a personal thing. Own yours.

Wishing everyone a fabulous week full of all things good.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky


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  1. 925brands says:

    Keep sharing, stay motivated…

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