Motivational Monday

Are you one to focus on your flaws, real or imagined? Does every little perceived peculiarity bring the thought to you that you can’t be beautiful? Oh, if I only I didn’t have these crows feet at my eyes, if only I could lose 10 pounds, if only, if only, if only…. You fill in the blanks with whatever you believe it is that keeps you from feeling your best. Many of us do this on a daily basis and it does nothing to help bolster our spirits or our ego!

But what if you could believe that being YOU,  flaws and all is what makes you uniquely beautiful. You may see lines at your eyes and hate them, while someone else may see them as a tribute to the many hours of laughter you have  shared. A scar that you feel is so ugly may show the world  that you have lived life and survived.  That bump on your nose or your crooked smile may be just the thing that your love thinks is the most adorable thing about you! The one thing you hate about yourself may just be the one  thing that someone else would never change about you.

So maybe it is time we begin looking at our supposed shortcomings through gentler eyes.  Let your uniqueness shine through. After all no one does  YOU better then YOU!  So let’s do it,  let’s embrace our flaws. Let’s become fabulously flawsome!


Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky



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