BOO! HELL-O, fiendishly fabuless fashionistas. Hope we didn’t startle  you. We wouldn’t want to scare the life out of you now, or would we….. ?  Of course not, we are just wanting to share a little Halloween humor with our boo-tiful friends! So grab a cup of coffin,” er,”  we mean coffee and enjoy a few cackles  on us! Or if you prefer a more adult beverage, Bloody Mary, anyone?


If this isn’t a reason to look your best everyday we don’t know what is!



So tell me, is this look basic or a timeless classic?

You know if you want to go classic in your costume this year, white sheets are plentiful and CHEAP at thrift stores! After all you don’t want to put holes in those high thread count sheets lining your crypt.


Okay, this joke may only make the over 50 ghost groan!

Seems like even in the after life some of us just can’t grow old gracefully!

hauntitWhether you want to be hauntingly beautiful or fearfully frightening or somewhere in-between you are sure to find something by haunting the aisles of your local thrift stores. From pre made costumes to aisles of clothing to make your own you are sure to find a good bargain. After all nothing is scarier than paying retail. It makes us shudder to think of it!ghostjail

Last of all we hope those that love Halloween have an absolutely monstrously good time, just don’t end up here!

So till next time be thrifty and stay farboolous!

Love from Teresa and Vicky

lollipop ghosts


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