Motivational Monday Let’s Talk Body Image

goodwillsaleThis past Saturday was our local Goodwill stores held their  50% off everything sale. So being the fabuless fashionistas we are we headed out bright and early to see if we could score some deals. As luck would have it,  I , (this is Teresa) didn’t find anything but both Vicky and our friend and sister, Kimmy founds some great pieces to add to their wardrobes.

Now if any of you have been to one of GW’s half off sales you know that it can be quite a crowded affair as there are loads of people shopping for a great bargain. Well this day was no exception.

We had filled our buggy to the brim with lots of things to try on, and were now in search of  an empty dressing room in which to do so. Let me tell you on sale day an empty dressing room is hard to find, so once we found one we ALL headed in to try on our finds.  You know as friends you have to be really close in order to change clothes in front of each other! But close we are, and we like to get each other’s opinions on how something looks and see if a certain piece needs to find it’s way into our own closets.


So there we are, each taking turn trying on clothes and asking for feedback. Of course when something didn’t fit or didn’t flatter our figure we started in on the that awful practice of body shaming ourselves.  Too fat, too short, I don’t like my hips, too old, too tall, we all had laments about our body.  That’s when Kimmy spoke up, ” What if it is the clothes and not us, that is the problem?” Why do we have to feel and speak so badly of ourselves.” Wow.  We all took a moment to let that thought sink into our brains. For the rest of the day we all made the attempt to stop the negative self talk and thoughts. And you know what? It felt good keeping the body image monsters away!




Too often times  we as women fall into the trap of self hatred or the pitfall of comparison. The  if only I could look like her, have her figure, her self confidence, her everything!”  When we see others we are so ready to see the beauty in them but so often fail to see it in ourselves.


The new year is coming and with it will come the usual resolutions, Lose weight, exercise, get into shape, and get healthy. All of these are wonderful aspirations. We should all be concerned with our health and well being. However healthy looks different on everyone. Some healthy people are small and some are larger. It is not the size or the  body shape that makes you the person you are, it’s what is on the inside. So maybe, just maybe we should all add another resolution to our list, to be kind to ourselves and stop the hatred and the body shaming. Life is too short not to love yourself just as you are at this moment!



So what do you think? Can you do it? It may take a little practice to get into the habit of just saying thank you when someone tells you that you look nice instead of immediately disagreeing with them and then pointing out all of your perceived flaws. It may take some time to get the negative image of yourself out of your head or to stop yourself from making derogatory remarks about yourself.  But it is so worth it and so are YOU!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky cropped-lipprint


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