Hello fabuless fashionistas. Happy Friday and happy Holidays.  Christmas is right around the corner and you know that the big guy in the red suit is busy checking his list. So our question for you today is on which list would we find YOUR  name?



The nice list. Is this the one for you? There is absolutely no denying you have been a sweetheart all year. There is no way Santa would pass you by, as you have been, well let’s face it just about perfect!


Definitely a picture of a woman destined to be on the nice list. And we thinks that’s just swell!



Hate to say it but this is the only way we would stay on the nice list, if we slept all year. That’s how you keep out of trouble!





The Naughty list. So tell us, if you dare. Is this the roster on which we would find your name. If so, it seems  you just can’t  stay out of trouble.  No matter hard you try.  It’s not that you go looking for it. It just seems that it somehow finds you! You surely will be getting nothing but a lump of coal in your stocking . Somehow though you don’t mind. After all you have been getting the gift of fun all year round!


She saves all her coal for her summer BBQ grill.


Just don’t be so naughty, YOU end up in restraints. Nobody wants bail money for Christmas!

Maybe you feel like you are somewhere between naughty and nice. Perhaps you are on the “Santa, I can explain”, list….


Awww, Come on Santa, it was a joke. Get it? Nice package? Don’t be mad. It’s just my sense of humor!

Or the “But Santa, I tried “, checklist…



So leave us a comment and let us know. Do you fall into the naughty or nice camp? Maybe you are somewhere in between. And just so you know,  either way, we’ll put in a good word for you with Santa. He kinda likes us, you know. Just the way we are.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky


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