Awww, Valentine’s day is here and whether you are spending it with your special sweetheart, your family or your friends, (“Gal”entines or” Pal”entines), we hope that everyone will have FABULOUS day!

Now that we are older of course we celebrate Valentines day differently than we did in our early youth. Many of us now receive flowers, chocolates, jewelry or other gifts as tokens of affection. But who remembers  the days in elementary school when the class party consisted of decorating a shoebox with construction paper, glitter, crepe paper  and heart shaped doilies? Oh the excitement of opening that box and finding it filled with colorful valentines and if you were really lucky  the surprise of  lollipop shaped in a heart!  And perhaps, just perhaps that boy who sat in front of you that you had a crush on since the first day of school, had given you a special card…  Yes those days can bring back sweet memories.

And weren’t the cards back then just the best?  So just for fun we thought we would share some pictures of vintage valentines.   Could it be that these will remind you of some you may have received?  Or maybe you remember giving a similar one to a class mate? Let’s take a look and see…


This is one groovy valentine!



Remember the Do you like me, check yes or no, notes?


This is the one you would send to your special crush!


Love the play on words with this one.


Who wouldn’t want to pick a Cowboy for a Valentine!



For that Valentine who is out of this world.

These are just examples of some of the cards we thought we too adorable not to share.

Just out of curiosity, are any of you card savers? Do you keep birthday cards, friendship cards, valentines, etc. , in an old  box somewhere? If so maybe you should find it and take a look.  There just may be a long forgotten valentine hiding there.

So once again, we wish everyone and happy Valentine’s day and for all you thrifty gals, don’t forget,  those heart shaped boxes of candy will  go on sale on the 15th, and we all know there is nothing better than chocolate, except chocolate that is 1/2 price!half off candy

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa valentine5

vintage valentine sweet girl and Vicky


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