A Mermaid Inspired Bathroom on a Minnow Budget

Hello fabuless fashionistas.  Teresa, here, and today I am going to talk to you about the magical world of Mermaids.  Huh?, you might say, I thought this was a blog about fashion and thrifty shopping. Of course you would be correct. However in this blog  I am going to talk about “house fashion”, better known as home décor.  And don’t worry all you fantasy creature lovers, there will be Mermaids involved.

I had been thinking for a while that I would like to change the look of my very tiny bathroom, but was unsure exactly what I had in mind. But inspiration struck me one evening as I was indulging in a wonderful warm bubble bath.  It had been one of those less than perfect days, (I’m sure you all know the kind of which I am speaking), just the type of day where nothing seems to go your way.  And for me a nice soak in the tub always manages to help ease the tension.  In fact the water was so warm and soothing I found myself letting my mind wander to balmy tropical places and rolling ocean tides.  If only I were a mermaid I thought, I could live in such a place all year without a single care. ( I didn’t think of sharks at the time, as I was so relaxed.)  Then a poem came to my mind, which gave me the inspiration for the new look for my bathroom. And here it is…..


I am a shining mermaid

with a home beneath the sea

Dancing among the fishes

it fills my heart with glee

Twirling spinning swimming

in the ocean all day long

I burst through the water’s surface

to sing my siren song

And all the sailors on their journey

seeking riches from the sea

Come to hear my mermaid tune

and try to capture me

I laugh of course because they can’t

I’m willful wild and free

So away I escape and once again

I’m home beneath the sea

Then I hear a tiny sound

a gurgle gasp and glub

And I realize tis all a dream….

I’m just sleeping in my tub!

That was it! A mermaid inspired bathroom. So I started looking for ways to decorate without spending an “ocean” of money. Of course thrifting was the answer.

Here a few pics of the items that I found . Please keep in mind that my bathroom is very small and it was a little awkward  trying  to get a good angle on some of these pics. I was not able to get an overall view of the entire bathroom but I hope you can get an idea of how it looks.


I made a copy of my poem and put it in a beautiful frame that I purchased at Goodwill for $1.99. The glass  seashell is actually an old Avon bottle that I just added  blue food coloring to make it a little more ocean like. This was also thrifted for less than $2.00. A 99 cent wine glass holds glass marbles and a blue battery operated tea light purchased at Dollar Tree. The candle works well as a night light.



Below the framed poem and shelf is where I keep some of my bathroom necessities. Another 99 cent wine glass from GW holds my Qtips. (To me they look like sea anemones)  The small square container holds cottonballs. It is hard to tell from this picture but it is glass and the finish can appear to be  both silver and gold. Perfect mermaid colors! I use the blue and black container with the silver lid  for my coconut oil, which I use as a makeup remover. It is so much prettier than the jar it comes in from the grocery store. A pretty blue dessert cup holds sea shells  and sand dollars, some of which I  collected from a beach trip last year. It is a nice touch that brings back some good memories.  Of course all of these items, (except the shells), were thrifted and each under $2.00!


The white shelf with shell accents was another Goodwill find. It was a little pricier than some of the other things. I believe I may have paid a “whale” of a price for this one, if I remember correctly it was a whopping $3.99! The pink ceramic fish was a gift from a friend, along with the starfish. The ceramic blue and yellow shell and the mermaid were both only 99 cents. The frosted green container holds more shells, glass marbles and another battery operated tea light. It makes a pretty glow through the glass when it is turned on. The frame is thrifted but the picture was painted by my daughter when she was in elementary school. I have kept so many of her pictures and thought this one looked like a sunset on the ocean.*   Worked out so well!


This is my shower curtain. The coloring in the photo is not exactly right. The places that appear brown are actually more of a sea green. The embroidery on it made me think of ocean waves.  I had looked online for mermaid shower curtains, but the ones I found were pretty expensive. Of course that would not do for a thrifty girl like me. My friend Kimmy was with me at Goodwill and actually pointed out that this one  had a very beachy vibe  to it. And at a price of $4.99, it couldn’t be beat. One day I might break down and take another look at the ones online, or of course I could just keep checking thrift stores. You never know what you will find. Until then I am happy with this one.


A pink ceramic shell holds toothbrushes. A glass candy dish is used for my floss picks. Once again Goodwill to the rescue. The mermaid bath sign I purchased from Amazon. It is actually the most pricey piece in the room, BUT I had a been given a gift card at Christmas so I used that to make the purchase. So to me it was FREE! I had the small white frame but nothing to put in it, so I asked my talented  friend Kimmy, for a suggestion. She took the frame and returned it to me with gorgeous mermaid picture which she had colored for me. She even made the mermaid a brunette which made me very happy!


These are my storage shelves. Sorry they are a little messy, but I try to contain everything with baskets and other thrifted containers. The ones on the middle shelf are actually an old canister set that I have had for years and hadn’t used but didn’t want to throw out.  They came in handy for storing hair products, razors and more.

And there you have it. My mermaid inspired bathroom. Almost totally thrifted, and  it didn’t cost me a sunken treasure!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

P.S. If you have any of your children’s or grandchilren’s artwork, they can be framed and hung on the walls, not just delegated to the refrigerator. I have several drawings my daughter made framed and hanging in my kitchen!

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Happy Mother’s Day

We just want to wish all the fabulous women out there who are Mothers and those that provide a Mother’s love a very happy and blessed day. From our households to your, Happy Mother’s Day.


Till next time, be thrifty and stay fabuless!


Teresa and Vicky

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Spring in Paris…. Tennessee, Ya all


Ah , spring in Paris.  The sight of the Eiffel Tower, the flowers in bloom, and the scent of Catfish frying in the air? Wait…  Isn’t Paris better known for escargot, not catfish!  What’s wrong with this picture? Not a thing if you are in the South and are talking about Paris, Tennessee, which in this case I am.

Paris, Tennessee in Henry County is a town with a population of roughly 10,000 people, and one of it’s claims to fame is the 60 foot tall replica of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. It is a nearly perfect 1.20 scale replica of the original and stands proudly in Memorial Park.  The other thing Paris, Tennessee is famous for is hosting the world’s biggest fish fry. This event is normally held the last full week of April and includes events such as beauty pageants,  parades, a carnival and arts and crafts. And of course, Catfish! The “fish tent” located at the Henry County fairgrounds at last count  cooked up over 12,000 pounds of fish!

Recently, my friend Kimmy and I gassed up her ride and took a little road trip to check it out!  Here are a few pics of the good time we had and the best part, (at least for thrifty gals like us, we had a blast and spent very little money!)



Tan pleated skirt with white polka dots by LizSport  purchased at Goodwill White off the Shoulder blouse by Mossimo purchased at  GW and brown Mossimo sandals purchased at Goodwill Tan belt purchased at Goodwill had tag with original price of $16.99, I got it for $1.99!





Green&white skirt by Accents gifted Green shirt  Walmart Sandals Catos (on sale) Cream Bag Chinese Laundry from Goodwill  Green and white scarf gifted  OOH LA LA Kimmy looks pretty in Paris!







Me and Fifi  my pink French poodle Of course she had to come along for the trip!


Another cool and “free” activity that was going on that day was an antique car show! We had a great time strolling around and looking at all the fabulous cars and trucks on display. Here are some pics of just a few.





The lady that owned this beauty was nice enough to let us have a photo  op!


Then there was the carnival. This definitely brought me back to the “good ole days”, as I don’t think I have been to a carnival since I was in my teens.  In fact Kimmy and I tried out our talents at one of the “games of skill.”  The attendant who was running this game was nice enough to let both Kimmy and I play, “two for the price of one.” (I think it was Kimmy’s sweet smile and her story of “never winning anything” )  that persuaded him. In fact he was so persuaded that “somehow”, Kimmy won! She has mad skills, that girl!


Bounce a ball off of the backdrop and have it land it the crate to win!


The winner!   Printed skirt by HollyLane purchased at Goodwill Shoes Blowfish Malibu purchased at Shoe Dept (on sale of course!)


Some of the sights at the fair.


What  “it” is…a fabuless straw bag purchased at GW Jeans by Kim Rogers also a thrifted find!


The few, the proud, the thrifty!

After walking through the carnival we decided it was time to find the “fish tent” and partake of some delicious catfish. After all that was the purpose of our little road trip. All the other things were just a fun diversion.  However, after following our noses of the delectable smell of fish frying and finding the location, it was PACKED! People were lined up, packed in like sardines in a tin! After a short debate on whether or not to join in the crowd we sadly decided to try again next year. We both had plans for later that evening and had to head home. But all was not lost.  We still wound up having a great meal after returning home and hitting up Johnny’s Big Burger here in Clarksville.

Johnny’ s Big Burger at 428 College Street has been making delicious food since 1965. Their burgers are fantastic! Always  fresh, handmade, and made to order. Not a bad end to our fun day.

Not only did we have a fantastic  time, but we also did this on a very thrifty budget.  For the price of less than a tank of gas, 5 dollars for both of us to play a game, (and Kimmy to win), and then well under $10.00 for a great meal to finish up our day, we considered this to be a FABULESS time.


Full and happy! Feeling fabuless!

We will definitely check it out again next year, and if you ever find yourself in the South you should check it out too!


Now we will leave you with a picture of a giant catfish. Because well, why not?!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

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Antiques, Vintage, Collectibles and More!

Spring has finally sprung. Time to start to put away those Fall and Winter outfits and bring out  those Spring dresses and skirts, Summer tees and sandals. Perhaps it also means a trip to your local thrift store to add to your Spring fashions!

But what if you are thinking of sprucing up your home as well as your wardrobe? If you are on the lookout for some fabulous finds for your living space and you like antiques, have we got a place for you to check out! Second Chances Antiques and Treasures at 2448 US 41 Alt is definitely a must see.  They have 12,000 square feet of antiques, vintage, collectibles and more! And guess what…Vicky and I, along with her Mother just happen to have a booth there.

Our booth number is D11 and we have recently restocked with some great things, including both clear and green oatmeal glass dishware, Polish pottery and more. We have some Madame Alexander dolls, among others and some Gone with the Wind memorabilia for all you “Windies”, out there. Are you a collector of salt and pepper shakers?  We got em. We even have an antique cracklin squeezer! If you are from the South, you most likely know  about cracklins.

Looking for some artwork to brighten your walls. We have lots of framed pictures along with some beautiful photographs taken by our very own, Vicky Clinard and her sister, Kimberly Caldwell. Both ladies have won awards for their amazing photography.

Speaking of Kimberly, we also have some of her wonderful children’s books that she has written in the Mr. Bark Lee series.  Her newest book is here just in time for Easter. It is entitled Mr. Bark Lee and Dog Wood’s Easter Answer.  A perfect addition for any Easter basket. These are located in the  front of the shop.

We hope that you will come out and take a look not only at our booth, but at all of the amazing things all the vendors have to offer. Take a morning or afternoon, or hey,  make a day of it. There is definitely plenty to look at , including some amazing antique furniture.

Here is a little peek at some of the items we have in our booth, but you will definitely have to come in to check it out as many of items can’t be seen well in the photos.

booth Daa

Check out all the goodies!

Booth d11 6

Wooden Cracklin Squeezer

Booth Kimmy B 2

Come out and support a local author, Kimberly Caldwell by purchasing a book in her Mr. Bark Lee Series. We also have vintage books.

Booth 7

Some other items including Vicky’s award winning photograph entitled Kitchen Window. The boy doll in the uniform is over 50 years old!

Booth D11 5

Some of the framed artwork. 2 butter churns, and other items.

Gone with the wind

Gone with the Wind Collector Plates. Bob Mackie porcelain doll and more.


Second Chances Antiques and Treasures is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Sundays from 12 to 6.  Be sure to check them out. Rodney and LeeAnn Greer are the owners and proprietors and are great people. All the staff is friendly, courteous and helpful.  Be sure to take a look at their Facebook page to see all the fabulous things they have to offer. Hope to see you there soon!

As always, until next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!


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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

It’s Friday, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s time for Shamrocks and shenanigans! We hope everyone is wearing their most fabuless shade of green today and will have the luck of the Irish with you!

We also just wanted to remind you that you don’t have to have a pot of gold to look fabulous. Just head to one of your local thrift stores and check out the amazing rainbow of colorful clothing you can find. And we are sure among this rainbow is some green so that you  won’t run the risk of  getting  pinched!

Vicky and I got dressed up in our “greenery” and took a quick stroll through Goodwill to see if the leprachauns will bestow any good luck onto us. As it turns out we did have a little luck and came away with a few finds, which we would like to share with you.

me and vicky green

The Wearing of the Green



Vicky and black skirt

Vicky’s beautiful find

Vicky had been looking for something to wear for our shared Birthday party we are planning next weekend when she discovered this beautiful black sheer lace skirt. So you should be  able to see it on her soon, as I am sure we will share some pics from our party. You know we will be wearing something we have thrifted!

bird skirt

Love this skirt I found with the bird design. Brand Old Navy

Teresa Bird skirt


I like that I can wear this skirt now with a long sleeve blouse, but I can also wear it into Spring and Summer by wearing a cami or t-shirt and sandals.

Teresa Polka dot skirt

Tan and white polka dot skirt by LizSport



Another skirt I found that I believe I can wear now and into Spring and Summer. Here I paired it with an off the shoulder blouse that I thrifted last year along with a wide belt I had purchased from GW earlier in the season.

Teresa floral dress

Old Navy Brand Sun Dress

My last find was this purple and gold floral print sundress. Can’t wait until the weather gets warm enough to wear it! Hopefully soon, but you never know about the weather in the South!

So that is it for the treasures we found at the end of the rainbow, (or in our case at the end of the aisle), but to sign off we would like to leave you with a couple of Irish Blessings we hope you will enjoy.


May your troubles be less

and your blessings be more

And nothing but happiness

come through your door


May your pockets be heavy

and your heart be light

May good luck pursue

each day and night

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!


Vicky and Teresa


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We played Cupid on Valentine’s Day!

Hello fabuless people.  We hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and got to spend it with the people you love the most.  What sweet treats did you get? Maybe a big box of chocolates, or perhaps a lovely bouquet of flowers.  Those are things that always bring a smile to the sweetheart recipient.  This year Vicky and I had the opportunity to bring smiles to some of the people here in our area. We played Cupid and helped to deliver flowers! Of course we were in our thrifted outfits and wore some Valentine head gear to put us in the Cupid spirit.

Vicky’s brother, Randy Harrison is the owner of Franklin Florist. Of course Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the  year in the florist industry so Vicky and I helped out  to make sure that all those beautiful flowers would get to their intended destinations. What a great time we had watching people’s faces light up as they received their bouquets, chocolates and stuffed animals.  I have been on the receiving end of getting flowers, but it was such a delight to be a small part of brightening someone else’s day. Vicky used to work with her brother at the florist so she was an old hand at this cupid thing but she too enjoyed coming back to help out. If you need flowers for ANY occasion be sure to check out Franklin Florist.  They really are professional and do absolutely beautiful work!untitled.png


Here is Vicky before we started our adventure. Check out those gorgeous live plants in the background.





Black Suede jacket with fringe by Canyon Road Red Blouse with black and white striped detail on bottom by Azules


Just a few of the bouquets boxed up and ready to go!



Black & white striped graphic tee by Forever 21 Black leather jacket is Nostalgica by Matthew H.


Vicky off to make someone “beary” happy!


Vicky with Randy, her brother and owner of Franklin Florist.

Vicky’s black boots are by Catos. She used a gift card she had received to buy them so to her they were free. The best kind of thrifty!



Me and Randy. My Boss for the day! I tried to talk Randy into wearing the Heart head boppers, but it was a no go! 

Later that evening we got together with our friends and had our annual “Galentines” celebration. This year Kimmy found out that Waffle House was having a special Valentines event. They decorated the restaurant, had white table clothes, and even took photos of customers who wished to have their picture taken. Which of course we did!

It was lots of fun. A gentlemen employee opened the door for us upon on arrival and showed us to our table/booth. It was so cute decorated with red paper hearts, ribbon, and even champagne flutes for toasting. The waitresses all wore red ribbons in their hair and all were friendly, sweet, and definitely in the Valentine mood. They also played only love songs on the jukebox. How fun! We only had 40 minutes to eat because they had so many reservations!

There were families with young children, older couples, and some women who like us were celebrating with friends. There was also some young sweethearts who came to enjoy the food and décor. Nothing says young love like the sharing of a waffle! All in all it was a great and thrifty way to spend our Galentines celebration. I mean a Valentine dinner for under ten bucks! Now that’s what I call thrifty and fabuless!


A little of the décor. Sorry we didn’t get a pic before getting our drinks on the table, but the service was so quick we didn’t get a chance!


Vicky with her best friend Jenny. Beautiful ladies in red.


Perusing the menu


Me and my bestie Kimmy toasting friendship!


This is one of the group photos that the employees of Waffle House took. They made one for each of us at no charge! Kimmy’s beautiful red and black  top is by Rafaella. Gray skirt by Faded Glory. My black sweater with heart and love by SO


We ended our friendship celebration with a toast and then headed home. Vicky to go out on the town again with her hubby, and me to watch the Kentucky Wildcats basketball game with mine. Thank goodness the Cats won. A loss might have taken the romance right out of our evening! LOL

P. S. Waffle House also gave us a free calendar with coupons that can be used throughout the year. We thrifty gals love our coupons!

Till next time be thrifty and above all be FABULESS!



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The Fifty Thrifty Gals hit a Dry Spell

What?! February is already here. How did that happen? It seems like just yesterday that it was Christmas, and then we were celebrating a brand new year!  And now it is time for Valentines Day.  Wow time sure seems to fly. During the holidays we were, (as I am sure you were)  very busy which left us little time for our favorite pastime thrift shopping. But it is now 2017, a brand new year and time to get back to it!

Speaking of the New Year, both Vicky and I have had high hopes of starting another year finding wonderful outfits, home décor and other accessories for low, low prices at our local thrift stores. Unfortunately it seems the last few times we have been we have come away almost always empty handed! Gasp! How can this be?  Have we lost our knack? Have we somehow upset the thrifting genies who previously reaped cart loads of goodies into our shopping baskets? Of course not! This just seems to be a trend in the world of thrift shopping. Some shopping trips you come away  feeling absolutely giddy with bags of fabulous things for which you spent soooo little money. Other trips are just a near or total loss. But of course we will NOT surrender!  We will valiantly shop on, checking out Goodwill, City Thrift, and other local thrift and consignment shops to see what we can find.

Until the next (hopefully successful shopping spree), we just wanted to share with you a few photos of items that we have thrifted in the past.



Looking “beary” cute!

Vicky in one of her more “unique” finds. Her red bear hat with built in hand warmers. She definitely stood out in the crowd with this one and got lots of compliments.




My black ruffled blouse by Bandolinoblu Black and White Skirt by Elle

Kimmy’s beautiful Burgundy dress by Mossimo was perfect for the holiday season, as we spent a wonderful afternoon at the historic Roxy Theatre watching the holiday classic,  White Christmas.

Both Kimmy and I are wearing  thrifted outfits. While my black and white outfit is thrifted head to toe, Kimmy’s boots were a gift from her kids, though her adorable dress was from GW.


The next pics were taken at a wonderful Christmas  program that was held at F&M Bank. There was lots of food, wine was served,  and there was  live entertainment. Not to mention a “special guest”. I was lucky enough to have my picture taken with him!


Red Blouse with bows on  sleeves by Gloria Vanderbilt Black button front skirt by Dana Buchman




Me and the special guest. He was so nice about people taking photos. Turns out he’s not such a Grinch after all!


Vicky in quarter length sleeve silk blouse Red Camisole by Attention Red and Black floral and paisley skirt by First Issue A Liz Claiborne Co




Silk and Leather trim coat by AF.HRO Red Boots by Leathercraft


Every time Vicky wears this coat she gets so many comments! It  is one of her very favorite finds and she definitely looks gorgeous in it!


Cream Colored Coat with bell sleeves by Preston and York

While I don’t love Winter, I do love that I got this cute coat for under $10.00 at GW!


Finally these pictures were taken on a couple of days in which we were just “hanging out” and having fun. Vicky had to take a back seat in this pic, as she couldn’t drive and “fluff” her hair at the same time!


Vicky in a black long sleeve top with collar and buttons. Her jeans by Denim 24/7 are embellished with a Rose on the hip and bottom of the leg


Look at that, just one little finger and the tree bends! Don’t know my own strength!


Red Lace top by Julie’s Closet and Paco Jeans



Look at that face! I think Vicky was afraid of my driving!



The white V-neck sweater had no label so unsure of the manufacturer, but it is soft and cozy. Brown knee high boots are Mercer.


Purple is definitely Vicky’s color!


Purple Sweater by Lane Bryant




This will be us if we don’t get out of this slump! Wish us luck!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!








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