Never, if you are lucky!

Wishing everyone a happy Friday and a fun and fabulous weekend.   Enjoy!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vickycropped-lipprint

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Motivational Monday

Hello and happy 2020! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed the company of family and friends. And now we want to wish everyone the very best in the new year to come.

destinyWe love this thought that we are the authors of our destinies, don’t you? So let’s make each chapter we write, wonderfully glorious, so when the next year rolls around we can say we made our own destiny and it was fabulous!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky


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Happy 2020! A new year, a new decade, a time for new beginning and new resolutions. Speaking of resolutions do you make them?

startMany do and some are harder than others to keep. We ourselves have made a few, but there is one that we KNOW we will be able to keep with no problem. This year we want to do MORE thrift shopping! We are going to start this Saturday by going to our local Goodwill’s 50% off EVERYTHING in the store sale. Gonna start 2020 being thrifty and fabuless!

goodwillgotit Whether you are a resolution maker, breaker  or non resolution taker, we want to wish all of you a fabulous new year full of health, happiness and prosperity.


For all you resolution breakers!



For the resolution non takers.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky cropped-lipprint

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What do we say to the scale the day after Christmas?  NOT TODAY, SCALES, NOT TODAY!

We are all about the after Christmas SALES, not the after Christmas SCALES!

We hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas day.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky




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Just hear those sleigh bells, jingling, ring tingle tingling too, come on it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you…

Come on admit it, you sang those words didn’t you? Or at least had the tune run through your head! Christmas is such a great time for music and merriment.  Everywhere you go it seems there is a song to be heard. Some are beautiful and reverent describing the  miracle of our Savior’s birth,  others are sentimental and heartwarming, while others still are just silly and fun. And we happen to love them all. How about you? Do you consider yourself a true Christmas caroler? Do you feel like you know all the lyrics to every merry melody out there? Well let’s see.


We are proposing a little yuletide test to see where you rank in the Christmas carol department. We have listed the first line of some Christmas classics and we would like to see if you can come up with the next line.  We have given the answers later in this post, but don’t scroll down early to see them. You want to stay on the nice list don’t you? And of course Santa is watching…



  1. Oh Holy Night

Oh holy night,  the stars are brightly shining…


oh holy night

2.  Away in a Manger

Away in a manger no crib for his bed…


away in a manger

3.  Joy to the World

Joy to the world, the Lord is come…


joy to the world

4. The Christmas Song

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…



5. Silver Bells

Silver bells, silver bells…


silver bells

6.  White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…




7. Santa Baby

Santa Baby, slip a sable under the tree for me…



8. Grandma Got run Over by a Reindeer

Grandma got run over by a reindeer…


9. I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus…


10. Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way…



By the way, do you have a favorite Christmas song. Is it one we have listed above or something completely different? Leave us a comment and let us know. We would love to know which tune brings you Christmas cheer.

Okay, now for the answers to our little quiz. Hopefully you remembered who was watching and didn’t scroll down to check them out early. Many of you may not have had to “cheat”.  We think we chose some classics. So let’s find out how you did…

  1.  Oh Holy Night     A. It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth
  2. Away in a Manger  A.  The little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head
  3. Joy to the World      A. Let earth receive her King
  4. The Christmas Song  A.  Jack Frost nipping at your nose
  5.  Silver Bells                 A. It’s Christmas time in the city
  6. White Christmas        A. Just like the ones I used to know
  7. Santa Baby                  A. Been an awful good girl
  8. Grandma got run over by a Reindeer  A.  Walking home from our house Christmas Eve
  9. I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus A. Underneath the mistletoe last night
  10. Jingle Bells A. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh *Hey! (The hey is optional)


Now for the scoring. Let’s see how you did!

If you got 0. Sorry , we have to give you a big Bah Humbug. Clearly you have not been visited from the Christmas ghosts, Past, Present, and Future, and have not gotten into the Christmas spirit. You obtained Scrooge status.

If you got 1 or 2. Well let’s just say you are a little “green” when it comes to catching onto the lyrics. But don’t worry there is still time to crank up the radio and listen to some holiday tunes. You will get the words eventually. You obtained Grinch status.

3 to 5. Pretty good. Even if you don’t know all the lyrics to these songs you probably know all the words to your favorites. And if you do forget, you will just happily hum as you prepare for your holiday festivities. You obtained Elf status.

6 or more. You truly love the season and the songs. We are sure you listen to Christmas music at home, in the car, at the office, just about anywhere.  You may even be caught singing at the mall! You have obtained Christmas Carol Queen status.


We hope you enjoyed our little “test”. Maybe it helped to bring your favorite Christmas carol to mind.  Again, please leave us a comment letting us know which song you love best. You can also tell us what “status” you obtained.  If you fall into the Scrooge category  don’t worry. We think ALL of you are fabulous, and we will put in a good word for you with Santa. We know him! (Just a nod to the Elf movie.)

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless




Love and Merry Christmas from Teresa and Vicky








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Motivational Monday Christmas Edition

Hello and Season’s Greetings to all! It’s that time of year, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  So much to do. Shopping, sending cards to loved ones, meal planning, baking, attending festivities, decorating. Doing everything you think you have to do to have the perfect Christmas. Why it’s almost enough to turn you into a Grinch!



Now if any of you know the story of the Grinch you know that in the beginning he was a mean spirited, despicable being that hated the thought of Christmas. That is until he found it’s true meaning and his heart grew and grew!


We too should let our hearts grow at this time and we can do it very easily just by taking on the simple  task of being kind.

kindchristmasIt cost nothing for us to take a moment and show kindness and caring. Not only to the ones we know and love, but to everyone you come into contact with on a daily basis. We never know the struggles a person faces each day, and a kind word and a smile might be just the thing they need.  Sometimes it is the small things that can make a difference. So if you are out and about try and do a small kindness for someone. Offer to let someone go in front of you in line at a store, be patient with retail staff, (they are working hard and dealing with a LOT of people), so offer them a smile and a genuine thank you. Give a sincere compliment to a friend or a stranger. Volunteer for a charity you feel strongly about.  There are so many ways you can spread some Christmas cheer.


While you are being kind to others please don’t forget to be kind to yourself also. So you burned the cookies, you didn’t make it to every party you were invited to, your home is not perfectly decorated. So what? You are doing the best that you can and that is enough.  Give yourself some of the graciousness that you are so generously giving to others.

So come on let’s get motivated to show some kindness.  The true spirit of Christmas is peace and love. Let’s spread some of that around. Not only this season but for  all the seasons to come.  Now that is perfection.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky










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Hello fabuless fashionistas. Happy Friday and happy Holidays.  Christmas is right around the corner and you know that the big guy in the red suit is busy checking his list. So our question for you today is on which list would we find YOUR  name?



The nice list. Is this the one for you? There is absolutely no denying you have been a sweetheart all year. There is no way Santa would pass you by, as you have been, well let’s face it just about perfect!


Definitely a picture of a woman destined to be on the nice list. And we thinks that’s just swell!



Hate to say it but this is the only way we would stay on the nice list, if we slept all year. That’s how you keep out of trouble!





The Naughty list. So tell us, if you dare. Is this the roster on which we would find your name. If so, it seems  you just can’t  stay out of trouble.  No matter hard you try.  It’s not that you go looking for it. It just seems that it somehow finds you! You surely will be getting nothing but a lump of coal in your stocking . Somehow though you don’t mind. After all you have been getting the gift of fun all year round!


She saves all her coal for her summer BBQ grill.


Just don’t be so naughty, YOU end up in restraints. Nobody wants bail money for Christmas!

Maybe you feel like you are somewhere between naughty and nice. Perhaps you are on the “Santa, I can explain”, list….


Awww, Come on Santa, it was a joke. Get it? Nice package? Don’t be mad. It’s just my sense of humor!

Or the “But Santa, I tried “, checklist…



So leave us a comment and let us know. Do you fall into the naughty or nice camp? Maybe you are somewhere in between. And just so you know,  either way, we’ll put in a good word for you with Santa. He kinda likes us, you know. Just the way we are.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky


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