Motivational Monday

Hello, Teresa here, half of the fifty thrifty and fabuless duo. When I awoke this morning I realized I had nothing prepared for today’s Motivational Monday post. And to tell you the truth as it so happened (as it does to all of us at times), I was very unmotivated this morning. No particular reason, the sun was shining, I didn’t have anything urgent that needed to be done, I was not feeling ill. I was just not feeling much of anything. BUT, I knew just like the rest of the world I had to get up and face the day. Once again, not that I had anything difficult or upsetting to face, it was just another day…

Sooo,  I decided I would get up and dance.  I got out my iPod, put in my ear buds, turned up some music and began to move.  Slowly at first but as I let the music fill my ears and my mind I began to let go a little more. Mostly I played upbeat and fast music, songs from my youth and I began to feel a little lighter, a little less old, a little more ME.

Then the song I Hope You Dance, by Lee Ann Womack came on… Oh how the lyrics touched me. Such a beautiful song. It made me realize how much we take for granted, how so many times we let the mundane rule our world instead of looking for the beauty all around us.  By the time the song  had ended I was motivated to write this post and to dance again very soon.

If you get a chance find this song and take a listen and like Lee Ann, I hope you dance!hopedance  Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!


Teresa and Vicky

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The monsters and witches have had their moment in the moonlight. Time to break out the ghost jokes!

Q. Why did the girl ghost go on a diet?


A.  She wanted to keep her ghoulish figure!



A. Spook-etti!


Another reason to be stylish!

Q. How do you scare a ghost?


A. Tell it people stories!

Hope these gave you a ghoulish grin!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabules!

Love from Teresa and Vickyblacklips


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Motivational Monday


 Sometimes we all need a reminder, especially on a Monday….


Love from Teresa and Vickylipprint

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It’s another frightful Friday, here are a few witch jokes. Hope you get a cackle out of them!


What happened to the witch who disobeyed in school?

2girlwitchShe was ex-spelled!


How do witches get good deals when they go shopping?

They hag-gle!

Till next time be wonderfully wicked and frighteningly fabuless!



Love from Teresa and Vicky

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Motivational Monday

smileIt’s not that hard. Sometimes it only takes sharing one of yours.


Love from Teresa and Vickylipprint

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October is here. A time for cooler weather, falling leaves, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and bad Halloween jokes. Here are a few to make you howl!

Monster HorrorscopesQ. How do monsters predict their future?


A. They read their horrorscope!

 monstergaloshesQ. What do monsters wear when it rains?

A. Their ghoul-oshes!

frankensteinandbrideQ. Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?

A. His ghoul-friend!


Till next time be terrifyingly thrifty and frightfully fabuless!

 vampirelipsTeresa and Vicky

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Hot Deals and Hot Biscuits. A Great Combo (especially when shared with friends)

Hello fabulous fashionistas. Hard to believe that is already officially fall. Time for falling leaves, sweaters  and boots and pumpkin spice everything! But here in the South we are still having days in the upper eighties and it’s not leaves that are falling but rainfall. That’s just how it is here . Like they say, if you  don’t like the weather, just wait an hour. It just may change And while the weather may vary there are a few things that are always certain.  We Southern woman love our sweet tea, some hot, buttery biscuits, and shopping!

Our friend and Sister, Kimmy had an appointment in Nashville recently and we decided that we would take the opportunity to do a little thrift shopping while we were there. Of course shopping takes a lot out of a gal, so we decided to do lunch before venturing out in the search of bargains. Our choice of restaurant, was the one and only Loveless Café, famous for their fresh hot biscuits and Southern cuisine.


First opened in 1951 and still going strong!

I have lived in Clarksville which is less than 50 miles from Nashville, most of my life, and Vicky and Kimmy are Clarksville Natives, but none of us had been to the Loveless, though it is famous in these parts.  And boy howdy, let me tell you, we have been missing a real treat!

Though there was quite a crowd we were seated very quickly. Our server was friendly and the food AMAZING! Of course the first thing up were the biscuits. Warm, soft, buttery, delicious biscuits, that came with sides of blackberry, peach and strawberry jellies.  I went hog-wild for the pulled pork bar-b-que  while both Vicky and Kimmy enjoyed the delicious meatloaf. For dessert we all shared a piece of key lime pie. By the time we finished we could have all taken a nap, but we had some thrifting to do. So off we went!




We also enjoyed just strolling through the grounds and checking everything out.


My swing tank top, sandals and green polka dot purse were all thrifted.


The inside decor is unique  and when I saw this art work of The Man in Black, I had to take a pic. Love me some Johnny Cash!  (Teresa)



You can see the biscuits being made right in the restaurant!



Sweet sisters. Vicky is wearing the black and white Chevron top she recently purchased from Goodwill. Her Ralph Lauren slip on shoes were also thrifted. Kimmy’s cute outfit was thrifted too, of course!

Our first stop was at a Goodwill store in Bellevue. We came away with some beautiful items, most of which will be listed in our Poshmark Closet. The name of our closet is B2 Fabulous. Please check it out.


These are a few of the finds we got a Goodwill. Sorry, the sweet and feminine yellow, Teeze me dress has already sold. The embellished jeans we will be adding soon as well as the two blouses. The purple Lavender and Honey ruffled jacket and the J. Jill jacket with ribbon closure are currently in our   closet.

Kimmy found this absolutely gorgeous shower curtain for me, (Teresa), and I was so happy that she did. I am planning a bathroom redo, and this will definitely be my inspiration. Some of you may have seen in a previous post my Mermaid inspired bathroom, which of course was decorated with mostly thrifted items. I am sure I will be able to do the same with this new look. I will post pics when I have it all together.


This is too adorable!

Our next stop was a very cool consignment boutique called Tickled Pink. The proprietor of this beautiful shop is Carey King. Carey was very friendly and very knowledgeable.  Many of the gorgeous items he has in his store came from stars in the Country Music biz, including Faith Hill. So you know the items are not only lovely but of great quality.


Of course we were drawn in by the 50% off sale sign!

Kimmy and I had such fun trying on this ahhhmazing fur jacket. So soft and glamorous, but unfortunately out of our budget.  Sigh…..

But we did not come away empty-handed. I found a great pair of white Rock and Republic jeans and a pair of White House Black Market Capris.


These too will be finding their way to our Poshmark  closet.


Vicky’s find was this very cool strapless dress with zipper details. Be looking for it on Poshmark. Coming soon!


Go check them out. You will be glad you did.

Our final stop was another consignment shop, called Curiosity Consignment located in Ashland City. Once again we had another great shopping experience!


They were having a 75% off sale!

Vicky picked out some fabulous things to stock our closet.


The adorable black and white gingham top has not yet made it in our closet, but it definitely is coming. This is a plus size beauty. Just so you know  we have all sizes in our closet.  Something fabulous for all fahionistas!  The Ya Los Angeles dress is currently listed.


Sassy Thai jeans with beautiful embroidery are in our closet.


We could have shopped all day but we eventually ran out of time. But we are definitely planning another day of hot biscuits and hot deals! So if you are in the Nashville area be sure to check out all of these great places.

Till next time, be thrifty and stay fabuless!


Teresa and Vicky

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