warningDecisions, decisions… Which ever you choose warning or example  we hope that your weekend is totally fabulous!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Love from Teresa and Vicky cropped-lipprint

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Motivational Monday Say Cheese…

Hello fabuless fashionistas and welcome November! October has passed us by, all the ghouls and goblins have gone back into their hiding places and  now we have the first Monday of a brand new month.

Let’s face it, Monday can be a little hard to take. The weekend has passed by and it is time to face all the routine and responsbilities of a new week. For some of us this can take the smile right off  our faces! But never fear, we are here to hopefully help you to turn that frown upside down with some fun facts about smiling!


smiling baby

Did you know that smiling is our first facial expression? Babies are born with the ability to smile! And if seeing a picture of a beautiful baby doesn’t put a grin on your face we don’t know what will!

A smile is the universal sign for happiness and is the most recognizable facial expression. Smiling is also good for your health. It slows the heart and relaxes the body. It releases endorphins, which help alleviate depression, stress and anxiety. It can also boost your self esteem by making you feel more confident and optimistic. Smiling is also a form of exercise. Come on work those facial muscles!



A nice toothy grin may also help you in your social life. 47% of people notice your smile first. That’s almost half of the population! And, a smile makes you more approachable. Who would you rather start a conversation with, a person with a nice smile on their face or one who is wearing a frown? Also people find a woman more attractive when they smile then when they were wearing makeup. So on those days you have to dash out the door and you don’t have time to “put on your face”, don’t worry, just put on a smile and you will be beautiful!


Another reason to smile according to Dale Carnegie, ” A smile enriches those who receive it, without impoverishing those who give it.” In other words smiles are free. You can’t beat that!

Wishing everyone a wonderful smile filled week. Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Love from Teresa and Vicky



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Hello fabuless fashionistas and happy Friday. The weekend is here and there is no better time to get your thrift on! So just for fun we wanted to share with you some shopping memes. Hope you enjoy…


The things you say when your friends don’t believe you scored that designer dress at Goodwill.


and for a lot less when you go thrift shopping.


Paying retail that is…


by going thrift shopping!


Now that’s the way to spend a weekend.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky cropped-lipprint





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Motivational Monday

Hello fabuless fashionistas and happy Monday. Since it is still October for a bit longer and we are still in the Halloween “spirit”, we are here to tell you a terrifying tale, so keep reading if you dare.

Did you know that there may be a monster hiding under your bed, or in your closet and even right out in the open in your home! I know mine, (this is Teresa), lurks beneath my bed and  at times it calls  my name begging me to free it from it’s dark depths, not to the mention the dust bunnies…

Are you shuddering yet? Glancing over your shoulder or peeking behind closed doors to find out where this monster may be creeping? What oh what could this abomination be?

Prepare yourself ladies for this can be something more scary than any bogeyman. It is the dreaded SCALE!

But what if this little monster had no control over us? What if using it didn’t turn our day into a nightmare. For really it shouldn’t. After all we are all more than just a number on the scale.




Whew, thankfully this scary tale has a happy ending. We don’t have to let the “monster” win!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless.

Love from Teresa and Vicky







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Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Boo who?

Don’t cry it’s only us.  Back at you again with some freaky fiendish fun for the last Friday before Halloween! So here we go again, some jokes to make you groan and moan…


Q. Who did Frankenstein invite to his Monster Mash party?

A. Anyone he could dig up!


Q. How do monsters like their eggs cooked?

A. Terror-fried!

dancingvampireQ. What is a vampire’s favorite dance?

A. The Fang-dango.

blood type bQ. What is an optimistic vampire’s favorite drink?

A.   B Positive.




Q. Why did the ghost go into the bar?

A. For the boos!

crying witchQ. What sound does witch make when she cries?

A. Brew-hoo Brew-hoo!


We want to wish everyone a safe, fun and happy Halloween and don’t forget if you need a costume be sure to check out your local thrift store. All the costume fun without the high costume cost!

Till next time be thrifty and stay farboolous.


Love from Teresa and Vicky lollipop ghosts


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BOO! HELL-O, fiendishly fabuless fashionistas. Hope we didn’t startle  you. We wouldn’t want to scare the life out of you now, or would we….. ?  Of course not, we are just wanting to share a little Halloween humor with our boo-tiful friends! So grab a cup of coffin,” er,”  we mean coffee and enjoy a few cackles  on us! Or if you prefer a more adult beverage, Bloody Mary, anyone?


If this isn’t a reason to look your best everyday we don’t know what is!



So tell me, is this look basic or a timeless classic?

You know if you want to go classic in your costume this year, white sheets are plentiful and CHEAP at thrift stores! After all you don’t want to put holes in those high thread count sheets lining your crypt.


Okay, this joke may only make the over 50 ghost groan!

Seems like even in the after life some of us just can’t grow old gracefully!

hauntitWhether you want to be hauntingly beautiful or fearfully frightening or somewhere in-between you are sure to find something by haunting the aisles of your local thrift stores. From pre made costumes to aisles of clothing to make your own you are sure to find a good bargain. After all nothing is scarier than paying retail. It makes us shudder to think of it!ghostjail

Last of all we hope those that love Halloween have an absolutely monstrously good time, just don’t end up here!

So till next time be thrifty and stay farboolous!

Love from Teresa and Vicky

lollipop ghosts


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Motivational Monday

internetAlso, I will not compare myself to my friends, my relatives, my boss or co-worker…..

We think you get what we mean. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are positively FABULOUS when you are just being YOU!

So go ahead, get out there today, throw your shoulders back, hold your head high, adjust your invisible crown and be the best version of you that you know how to be. Believe us, it will be more than enough!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Love from Teresa and Vicky lipprint

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