Teresa Goes Dotty Over Low Prices and Dolly Does Dots!

Going Dotty

By Teresa

One day while out shopping

I spotted a dress that was prettily dotted

I knew then and there

this frock I must wear

And with dots I became quite besotted

Hello to all you fabuless fashionistas out there. As you have probably surmised from the above (ummm,  I guess we can call it a poem as it does rhyme) , today’s post is going to feature polka dots.

Why polka dots, you might ask. Well, let me tell you and while I am at it  I will let you in on a little secret about yours truly. Once upon a time, I would not even consider wearing any type of clothing with a pattern. No stripes, no plaids, no geometric shapes, and heaven forbid no animal prints! That left me with a very limited wardrobe of solid colored tops and jeans. This was my go to look.  There were a couple of reasons for this.

First and foremost, in my younger years I had the thought in my mind that if I had on anything that even remotely drew attention that I too, would become the object of scrutiny , and that of course I wouldn’t measure up to society or anyone’s expectations. I could just hear the self imposed snarky remarks in my mind. ” Really?”  HER wearing THAT? And on and on.  Self esteem issues, much?  The other reason was the monetary factor.  What if I invested the big bucks on just one item, and then quickly grew tired of it.  Would it just hang there in my closet mocking me? “See”, it would say,” I knew you couldn’t carry off this bold look, someone else would have looked soooo much better wearing me.” “Now here I hang and you are out luck and out of money!”  Not a great scenario either way.

But thanks to two great friends and thrift shopping I am learning to overcome this fashion  obstacle in my life. First of all I have to give thanks to my two best friends and partners in crime, Vicky and Kimmy.  They helped me learn to step out of my fashion rut by encouraging me to at least try on some prints and see if I might change my mind. Both lovely ladies wore patterned clothing and told me I was missing out on some fashion fun by limiting myself  and my style. Seeing how fabulous they always looked I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. I am glad I did. Now I will gladly try florals, stripes, graphic tees, and yes even animal prints! Thrifting makes it so easy. Especially  on the pocketbook. I don’t feel bad at all spending $4.49  at Goodwill (and that is if I pay full price), for an item I may wear only a few times. At least I know I have gotten my money’s worth for the wear!


Just for fun. Does anyone remember this little lady? She definitely rocked the polka dot!

If you are like  I was and are a little timid about trying new patterns, why not start with polka dots. They really have quite a range in size and color and can go from sweet to sassy, funky and fun, and even be sophisticated. It’s an easy way to incorporate more print into your wardrobe.

Following are a few pics of our Dolly dressed in the dots that I know will now wear and feel fabulous doing so! Hope you enjoy!


Dress by R&K Originals

Funny story. The day I bought this dress, when I went into Goodwill, I said, “I want a red dress. Red is my favorite color.  Then I thought a moment and said, “No,  I want a red dress with polka dots.” I headed to the dress racks and lo and behold the very first one I saw was this beauty  and it was my size! The “thrifting genie”  was definitely with me on that day and granted  my wish. Lucky me!


Black Tee with polka dot lace detail. The tag was cut out of this as I think it probably interfered with the look at the back of the shirt, but I believe I have seen this shirt or one very similar at Cato. Mine of course was thrifted. The Coppery orange leather skirt is by asos curve. It was a Goodwill purchase from a couple of years ago.


A close up look  at the lace and dots.


Pink Lace and Polka dot shirt by Elle. Black skirt by Colleen Lopez. Added pearl and chain earrings by Cato for a “pretty tough” girl look. Shirt and skirt both purchased at Goodwill.


Adding a belt can help accentuate your waist



Tan and white pleated skirt by LizSport. White peasant style blouse with tie waist by JW style. Both Goodwill purchases. The skirt was featured in a previous blog, Springtime in Paris Tennessee. I then paired it with an off the shoulder blouse and sandals and a belt.  I can now carry it into the fall and winter season by pairing it with a long sleeve blouse and flats or boots.


Same skirt paired with a knit sweater by Sonoma and a thin white belt.

Of course the sweater was thrifted also.


Navy blue skirt with polka dots by Chaps The white V neck sweater has no brand tag. Once again the waist is cinched this time with navy belt with polka dots of its own! An entire thrifted outfit.


Same skirt with a long-sleeved tee by Just My Size and a red matching belt.

Okay so far these dots have been the ones that have been on the more subdued and subtle side. But look out ladies cause we are getting ready to really rock the polka dot!


Yes, I would definitely say that the polka dots on this skirt by John Paul Richard are a little more dramatic. And I love them! Paired with a red knit short-sleeved sweater by Yarnworks stretch, this is one of my favorite outfits. Skirt and sweater purchased at Goodwill.



This is the dress I wore to the 50’s party at Murphs Country Music Barn, sans the black petticoat.  I think I could wear this in the summer as is, or in the fall and winter with a black jacket. And if I really wanted to get the full Rockabilly look, I can always put my black petticoat underneath.


Paired the skirt this time with a grahic tee, tied on the side. Shirt by Cato purchased at Goodwill.


Belted at the waist and paired with black and white striped earrings. Earring purchased at WalMart. Only $2.00 on clearance.

Okay, so I’ve shown you some wardrobe choices with spots, but lot’s not forget the accessories! If you still not sure that you are “dotty” over polka dots, why not try incorporating a few into your accessories? It is an easy and fun way to put a little pattern into your life without overdoing it.


I recently purchased this adorable bag from Goodwill, when they were having a Blue Thursday sale. Everything in the store was 50% off, so I got this little gem for only $1.50. It is definitely a Spring/Summer style bag but for the price I couldn’t pass it up. Can’t wait to be able to carry it. Brand Penelope Ann

How do you like my little doll? This was a gift from my sweet friend, Kimmy. She knows I have kitschy/ retro taste in a lot of things and this pretty girl fit the bill. She even put my name on the shirt. So this is a pic of me calling Kimmy on the phone to let her know about my fabuless deal!


This pink and white bag is actually a cosmetic case, but I am thinking out of the box and will probably use this as a purse! Brand is Luca Vergani and was thrifted. The Kissing Booth knick-knack was purchased at Goodwill for 99 Cents. Once again my sweet friend Kimmy gifted me with the adorable caddy, which I  have used for makeup brushes, pens and pencils and more. It turns and has clever sayings on each side .

Did you notice the lip print glass on the interior of the caddy? I tend to wear red lipstick more often than any other color, and I love lip print accessories. But that is a topic for another blog. The framed paper doll art was a gift from my fabulous sister. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. If you would like to make your own paper doll art, don’t forget that we have a nice selection of vintage paper dolls at our booth D11, at Second Chances Antiques and Treasures, here in Clarksville.  Go check out their beautiful store.

20171130_145501 (1)

Add an extra touch to a graphic tee and jeans by adding a polka dot neckerchief. Scarf purchased at Walmart for $1.00 Pink shirt was a GW buy and is made by Old Navy.


You can also  tie a scarf on a purse handle for a cute sort of retro look.


Red and white polka dot purse by Roberta Gandolfi was a GoodWill purchase. The  vintage ceramic poodle I purchased at Second Chances Antiques and Treasures. The framed art, once again were gifts from my sweet friend, Kimmy!


I purchased this bag at Catos several years ago. Of course it was on clearance. That’s just the way we fabuless fashionistas roll! I love it as it has lots of room. As you can see my makeup bag is fairly large and it fits easily into this purse with room to spare. The gorgeous gold lipstick holder was a gift from Vicky. Once I again I am blessed by wonderful and gift giving friends!

A funny story about this handbag. I carried it with me shopping one day and I placed it on the cashier’s counter to get out my wallet. A man at the register made a comment that he liked my purse. I graciously thanked him thinking I must have fantastic taste, if a man would take the time to  comment on a purse. Then he said, “Yeah, it’s so big you could pack a submarine sandwich in it!” Now why didn’t I think of that.


Polka dot jewelry is fun and a subtle way to add some dots to your look. Bracelet purchased at City Thrift for $1.50. Earring purchased on Cato clearance rack.


This fringed scarf purchased at Goodwill is long enough to be used as a belt.


Watches are a great fashion statement, and of course I love this one with Betty Boop AND polka dots. My husband bought this for me after I “spotted” it at WalMart. Thanks, honey!

Well, I guess that just about  wraps up this edition of Dolly does Dots. If you are still on the fence about print in your wardrobe head out to your local thrift store and try on a few things.  You just may surprise yourself with some of your choices when the monetary factor of trying something new  won’t put you in the poor house. So go ahead,  try it. You may just look  HOT in dots! And don’t ever forget that no matter what you wear you are always fabulous, just because you are you!

Till next time, be thrifty and stay fabuless!


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Alternative Shopping Plans for Black Friday

It’s coming, it’s coming! The busiest shopping day of the year. Black Friday! While these words bring utter excitement to many, there are those who are, well, let’s just say a little less enthusiastic about delving into the maddening crowd even for a bargain.  All the crowds, the long lines,  parking lot nightmares!  It’s enough to make many say Bah Humbug! If you are one of those that  fall into the less than enthusiastic category, but still want to get a head start on your Christmas shopping, we hope to give you some alternative shopping ideas, outside of the mall and big box retail stores.

If you are familiar with our blog you know that we LOVE thrift stores. Prices are low and you can find just about anything you want, from clothes and home decor to books and furniture.   Check out your local Goodwill and other thrift stores to see if they are having any special sales for that day.

If you really hate the thought going out into the cold and facing the fray, you can always turn to your trusty electronic devices and do some of your shopping online. You never even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday)  makes shopping as easy as the stroke of a key.  No hustle, no bustle, and you can even shop in your pajamas!  So stay in , and keep cozy and warm thinking about the money you saved.

Another choice is to shop small. Look around your town or city and patronize individually owned and operated businesses. Boutiques, bookstores, music shops, gift shops, are all great choices for holiday shopping. And by shopping local you are helping out a “neighbor” and your local economy.

Speaking of shopping local, did you know that Vicky and I, along with her mother, Martha, and sister, Kimmy have a booth at Second Chances Antiques and Treasures, here in Clarksville, Tn. Our booth number is D11 and we are currently running a 10% off sale through Sunday November 26th.  We are stocked with just a little bit of everything! Beautiful glassware, vintage toys and games, home décor, Christmas items and so much more.

Following are some pics of just a few of the items we have to offer.




20171121_160406It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Make your home merry and bright with holiday décor.


20171116_16144920171116_16142820171116_16141820171121_160225Loads of toys, both vintage and newer. Come help out Santa and check out what we have. There is more to be seen!


We have Salt&Pepper Shakes dishes and more!

This is just a very small sample. We have loads of beautiful antique and vintage glassware.


20171116_161254 (1)

Here is something unique that you will find in our booth. Vintage postcards for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Send one to your loved ones or frame them for a pretty holiday picture.


20171121_160425 (1)20171121_16044020171121_160448 (1)We also have beautiful framed artwork. Here are just a few examples. The gorgeous magnolia pic is a photograph taken by our very own Vicky. She and her sister Kim are both very talented photographers and both have award-winning photographs.  There are more of their gorgeous pics available for sale in our booth. These would make wonderful and unique gifts.


Vicky’s calls her photography work Drive by Shootings, and Kimmy’s is Angel on My Shoulder Photography.

We are very proud to have Kimmy’s Mr. Bark Lee series of books for sale in our booth also. Kimmy has written a series of children’s Christian fiction featuring Mr. Bark Lee and his bevy of woodland friends. The stories are sweet with a wonderful message and bible verse in each.  Give a child you know the gift of the love of reading by checking them out when you stop by our booth.




Do you know someone who loves vintage fashion? How about giving them a gift of vintage paper dolls and clothes? Again, like the vintage cards and postcards these framed  would make a fabulous gift . We also have baby doll papers dolls which would be adorable in a nursery. Something to consider if you want to give something different to a special friend or loved one.

20171116_16145620171116_161514Got a music lover on your list who is into vinyl? We have old 45’s and albums for sale too.  How about vintage comics?  We got a few! So  give to  those who love these oldies but goodies and help them have a “retro” little Christmas.


And here is more….


Butter Churn, vintage linens, and trains


Full size antique bed and washboard


Cracklin Press very old

As I said this is just a smattering of some of the items we have for sale in our booth.   We would love for you to come check it out along with the many, many other fabulous booths located in the shop. There are plenty to see and many are having discounts for Black Friday.

Second Chances Antiques and Treasures is located at 2448 US-41 Alt Bypass, Clarksville, Tennessee. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm. It is a beautiful store with 12,000 square feet jam-packed with gorgeous antiques and vintage pieces. You are sure to find something for practically everyone on your list!

Rodney and LeeAnn Messer are owners and operators of the business and are wonderful and friendly people. They and all the staff are always willing to help you find what you are looking for. Check them out on Facebook, or better yet, get yourself inside this wonderful place and see for yourself. You can tell them Vicky and Teresa sent you.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

And as always until next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!



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The Fashion World in Black and White (with a pop of red, now and then)

What is black and white and red all over? We have all heard that riddle at one time or another in our lives, I’m sure. Of course there were several optional answers to this classic question.  A newspaper. A zebra with a sunburn. A skunk with diaper rash. Well the answer for today, at least for the purposes of this blog is three fifty something, thrifty and fabuless friends and their thrifted fashion finds!

Looking through my closet recently, I noticed I had quite a few black and white pieces, along with a few red items. After talking to Vicky and Kimmy about this, they mentioned they also had plenty of  clothing of these particular pigmentation.  Of course basic black is always a fashion staple, and I happen to love the combination of black and white. Throw in my favorite color red and there is the inspiration for our most recent photo shoot.

As always the majority of the clothes featured here are of the thrifted variety, but there may be one or two pieces that were purchased at a retail store. We will let you know in the comments. And now on with the show….

DSC_0843 Don’t know if Kimmy is a zebra or a bunny in this pic! Vicky has given her “rabbit ears.”

Kimmy’s zebra jacket is from Cato Vicky’s is from Dana Buchman. Both were purchased at Goodwill.


Vicky is all smiles thinking how little her classy black and white number cost her!


Black and White Chevron stripe dress is by Apt 9. This brand is sold at Kohls,  but of course Vicky paid less for hers at Goodwill! Black coat is by Mossimo and was purchased at Target, but to her credit, it was on clearance…. Her nice shiny black patent leather boots are Jamie by Cloud Walkers. These were purchased at Goodwill at our most recent trip there. The red quilted bag had no markings, but we discovered on this shoot, that it is reversible. The reverse side is black and white zebra print. It too was purchased at good ole GW!


Found this fabulous blouse at Goodwill on a day I just went in on a whim. It is by Mischa and is the perfect color combo! Black Leather skirt with scalloped hem by Colleen Lopez and boot by Franco Sarto. Thrifted head to toe!


Kimmy looks like a million bucks, but spent very little on her thrifted outfit. Black and white striped skirt by Ashley Blue. Short black booties by Classic Element White long sleeve tee by White Stag. Don’t have the brand name of the black suede jacket and belt but they also came from Goodwill.



Kimmy changed up her look a little with a red jacket from Cato. (Don’t mind us, we were just “vogueing” it a little!



Glam Sisters! Vicky also changed her look by exchanging her full length coat for a short black leather jacket by Black Rivel 4 People with Personality. Perfect for Vicky as she has personality galore!




Black and Red ruffled plaid blouse by Chaps. Short black booties by Franco Sarto. Black Coated leggings by Faded Glory.  Blouse and boots purchased at Goodwill. Leggings purchased at WalMart.

20171013_093235                               20171013_093221 (1)

When I purchased this blouse it still had the original tag attached. New, never worn. Retail price $55.00. Goodwill price $4.49. I saved $50.51!  That’s why I love thrifting!


Added a leather jacket (Goodwill purchase) and over the knee black suede boots (purchased at City Thrift) for a little change.


Vicky’s black leather pants by Rue Plus, red and gold graphic tank by Faded Glory, both purchased at Goodwill. Knee high boots with gold buckle detail by Cato. Vicky purchased her boots at Cato with a gift certificate, so they were free for her!


A better view of those fierce boots!


Kimmy rockin her own black leather and suede look with this awesome skirt purchased at Goodwill. Black blouse by Fashion Bug and suede boots by Stuart Weistzman also Goodwill buys.  The cool hat came from her own closet!


Classic Black and White. Leggings by Last Exit. Black ruffle and zipper detail blouse by INC International Concept. Vicky lives by the concept that you don’t have to break the bank to look fabulous. Outfit purchased at Goodwill.


Black fringed shawl by Croft and Barrow and Lace up boots by Just Fab. Boots and shawl thrifted finds!


Vicky has gone from leather to lace. Lace skirt by ILyza. Black boots Ana Michelle. Sparkle embellished tank top by Faded Glory. All purchased at Goodwill. Her Harley Davidson cap was a gift and her earring and cuff bracelet were purchased at Cato. P.S. just check out this chick’s gorgeous blue eyes!


An outfit perfect for the office. Kim is wearing a black& white polka dot inspired skirt by Worthington. Button down blouse by George. Outfit purchased at Goodwill. The necklace she is wearing was made by our very own Vicky, part of her Transformations jewelry line. Also the very striking black and white photo she is posing next to was taken by Kimmy, herself. So proud of my very creative and talented friends!


Check out this striking black and white combo!  Black cold shoulder blouse by Style and Co. Shoes by Qupid. This head to toe look including the black and white graphic pants were purchased at Goodwill.  You would definitely stand out from the crowd in this ensemble in the most fabuless way!

DSC_0711      DSC_0732     DSC_0730

This little party dress with the silver spangles by Jerry Beck, was just so much fun, we all took a turn trying it on! Vicky found this little gem at Goodwill!


Speaking of party dresses Kimmy is wearing a beautiful dress by Wishes Wishes Wishes.  Perfect for a holiday celebration! Purchased at Goodwill.



This dress looks lovely coming or going. Check out the beautiful lace detail on the back.


Vicky’s classic black strapless dress by Just Love makes for a gorgeous party look. Topped with a sheer black overlay by White Stag she is ready for a night on the town! Necklace purchased at Cato. Dress and Overlay are GW!


This black and white sweater dress was previously featured in a previous blog, Dolly styles 99 cent sweater dresses. Yep, this one only cost 99 cents at Goodwill!


Kimmy’s adorable red sweater dress came from Cato, but of course it was thrifted!


I know that the dress is supposed to be the focal point of this pic, but I want everyone to take a look to the right and see the folder marked Mr. Bark Lee, on the shelf. This is Kimmy’s portfolio, of her children’s book series, Mr. Bark Lee and Friends. Oh did I not mentioned that Kimmy is also a published author?!  Told you I had some talented and creative friends! You can check out Mr. Bark Lee on his own Facebook page.




Another 99 cent sweater dress from Goodwill! Brand a.n.a A New Approach I also purchased this absolutely fabulous Bestsey Johnson bag from Goodwill for only $9.99.


Black and Red plaid skirt with zipper detail and cable and gauge ribbed detail sweater. Thrifty finds!



Rhapsody dress with belt. Tags still attached on this dress also!




Black pleated wool skirt with buckle no brand White blouse by sharagano  Goodwill purchases




Rhapsody dress shown unbelted





Striped dress by xhilaration thrifted, red belt thrifted and red cap purchased at Kmart.


Dress by Torrid purchased at Goodwill. Vicky purchased these red shoes by ossolae on-line.


Speaking of shoes check out these thrifted beauties!


Brand Qupid Owned by Kimmy



Brand Aigner owned by Vicky



Brand Self Esteem/ Owner Vicky 


Now that you have the  “low” down on our black, white and red extravaganza, here are just a few pics of us having some fun!

DSC_0756  DSC_0752   DSC_0753 We’ve been “framed”, we didn’t do it!


Sister Shenanigans!


Whee! going for a spin  in the office chair!

DSC_0854   DSC_0848

Vicky kissed the lizard in a previous blog we did, so we figured it was our turn. Quite like his cousin, the frog, the lizard did NOT turn into a handsome prince! Oh well, maybe next time. Wait a minute! Next time?  What am I saying?  Hopefully we are not going to get into the habit of kissing critters!



Kimmy said she needed a touch of red. Using the leaves as earrings!


Feeling cheeky!


No paparazzi please!

We hoped you enjoyed this black and white edition of Fifty Thrifty and Fabuless. Hope you tune in next time. Till then, as always be thrifty and stay fabuless!








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The Cost of Halloween Costumes doesn’t have to be Scary!

Hello to  all you boo-tiful,  fabuless, frightening, and fiendish fashionistas.  All Hallows eve is drawing near, and perhaps you have a costume party to attend, or you are taking some little ones out for a bit of  trick or treating and want to join in on the fun of wearing a costume. Or it could be that you just want to surprise the ghosts and ghouls who will be ringing your doorbell and asking for treats with your own awesome attire. Whatever the reason, it is always fun to dress up!

But let’s face the scary truth, ready-made costumes can be a little pricey. And if you do a homemade costume, not only will you save money, but you can totally make it your own. You may not be the ONLY   witch at the party, but at least you won’t look exactly like the three other witches there! So take a look in your own closet or take a quick trip to your local Goodwill or other thrift stores and see what you can  find.  After all putting together your own costume is half the fun!

Here is our own “Dreadful Dolly” modeling a few of the things we “brewed” up for a “scary cheap” Halloween look!


This devil DOESN’T wear Prada, but she still looks devilishly delightful

Got a red dress hanging in your closet?  Add a tail and horns, and you are a devil! The red dress is owned by Vicky. The black belt I recently bought at Goodwill, and the tail and horns were already in my closet. (Don’t ask why, lol)


Pretty Pirate

Arrgghh, get the pirate look without cleaning out your treasure chest. The black and white chevron shirt and black skirt are two of my previous Goodwill purchases along with the red and black head scarf and black suede, over the knee boots. The red sash/belt is just a piece of material that was on hand.


Add a skull and crossbones earring and a blingy bracelet for an extra touch. The earring  is half  of a pair that Vicky gifted me several years ago when I had gone to a party as a pirate. Vicky designed and hand-made these as a part of her Transformations jewelry collection.   The bracelet is from Catos.  If you want to get really authentic you can add an eye patch, a sword,  even carry a small treasure chest filled with gold foil covered chocolate coins. Accessories can really make your costume stand out from the crowd .


This rocker chick is wearing the  mate earring to the one that the pretty pirate wore in a previous pic. This one has a dangling guitar. Perfect! Feather adorned microphone from Dollar Tree.

Check out these fun and funky lip print pants from Vicky’s closet. This was one of her more unique finds at Goodwill. Of course we had to find a way to incorporate them into a Halloween costume, so add my black leather jacket, (a Goodwill purchase), a fringed head scarf, (a yard sale find), Kimmy’s black boots, a red feather boa, (borrowed from a friend) and there you have it, Rocker Chick! So there is a little bit of a “rocker”, in all of us it seems. Another tip is to  check with friends and family to see if they have anything you can borrow. After all you can’t beat free!


The white chop stick belong to Kimmy.

Try a lovely Kimono and paper parasol for a unique costume choice. The Kimono belongs to Vicky. She purchased it at a yard sale. The parasol is one of my yard sale finds.


Vicky created these earrings for her sister, Kimmy. The  small wooden doll was part of an old pair of earrings she had as a child which had fallen apart. Vicky refurbished them for her and they are now one of Kimmy’s faves!


50’s girl. Let’s go to the Hop!

This costume is totally Kimmy! She made the poodle skirt herself, as well as the corsage. And yes, those are her original saddle shoes! If you like the 50’s girl look, but don’t have any saddle shoes, you can purchase a cheap pair of flat white tennis shoes, and paint the black detail on yourself. How about that bouffant hairdo! Kimmy purchased it recently at a store in Nashville called Dirt Cheap. I think it was $1.49!


Check out how Kimmy decorated the back of her sweater! All it took was a little black felt and some imagination!



This is our super hero, Thrifty Gal!

Another use for the big, blonde, bouffant! Our caped crusader’s outfit is totally Goodwill and totally Kimmy’s idea.  Too cute!


Fallen Angel

This black halter style dress works well as a dark angel costume. Of course it came from a local Goodwill. The black and silver wings and halo I purchased in Florida a couple of years ago, when Vicky, Kimmy and I took a road trip. And of course it wouldn’t be a road trip for us if we didn’t check out the local thrifting scene.  Our trip was in May, but I couldn’t pass these up, when they were only 49 cents! I knew they would come in handy one day! You could also add black feather earrings to top off the angel theme.


Saloon Sally

Purple corset purchased at City Thrift. Turquoise blue skirt from Goodwill. Black petticoat from Southern Thrift in Nashville. Purple boa borrowed from a friend. Add some rhinestone jewelry and a feathered headdress and you are all set to go back in time.  Who knows, you may even run into a Cowboy at your party. Yee Haw!


The feathered head band was borrowed from a friend and I had the peacock feathers, so I just added them in to make it fuller.


Gypsy woman


Same turquoise skirt, but this time paired with a purple peasant style top, and a coin embellished belly dancer scarf. It is hard to see the detail on the vintage head scarf but it has different maps printed on it. I thought that was a perfect touch for a traveling gypsy princess. Sometimes it is all in the small details.   Don’t forget to add lots of necklaces and bangle bracelets. I have a tambourine with ribbons tied to it  as a prop for this costume, and you could also carry a “crystal ball” to tell fortunes. Perhaps one of your kids old Magic 8 balls, just for a laugh.  The skirt, coin embellished sash, headscarf and tambourine were all finds at Goodwill.


Witchy woman (The cute black cat candy dish belongs to Kimmy. Of course she got it at Goodwill!) Check them out for inexpensive Halloween décor.

What would Halloween be without a witch in the mix? It is a classic Halloween costume,  and oh so simple. Black dress, pointy hat, and you are ready. Of course you can add any accessories you like to play up  your “wicked” look, including her ride, (the old trusty broom), or carry a plastic cauldron filled with terrifying treats to share with the guys and the ghouls. A plastic hand-held jack-0-lantern can serve as a purse. Just make sure to not let all your “goodies” fall out. For those who don’t care for the typical “old hag”  effect,  you can definitely pretty up your  look. Accessorize with some rhinestone jewelry, a pair of elbow length silk gloves, a feather boa,  put on a little glitter and you become one glamorous witch, a Glitch, if you will! So many ways to make this classic your own. Just let your imagination run wild.

The black dress is  from my closet and was purchased at Goodwill. Again I have used the black petticoat for this one.  The pointy black hat was leftover from my days in the coven. Just kidding! I  bought it so long ago I can’t remember when but I have kept it all  these years. After all you never know when you will need to don your pointy hat, get on your broom and ride!


I hope that we have given you a few ideas and have shown you that you that you don’t have to give   an arm and a leg, ( a little zombie humor,) to have a fright filled and fabuless Halloween.  Now get in your closet or haunt your local thrift store and see what kind of costume you can scare up and have a happy and safe Halloween.

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Vicky and Teresa

P.S. Thank you to Kimmy for use of her home and her help in putting together the scenes.

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Halloween Joke for the Day, Because Laughter is Free!

Halloween is almost here! So here is a quick joke that will hopefully make you “howl” with laughter!  Well, if not howl, at least get a good “cackle!”

Q.  What did the zombie do when she lost her hand?

A. She went to the Second Hand Store!

Here’s hoping she got a fabuless deal! Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Vicky and Teresa

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Dolly styles 99 cent Sweater Dresses

Hello  once again, fabuless fashionistas. Vicky and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new member of our Fifty Thrifty and Fabuless team. Her name is Dolly and she is a dressform. Dolly had been living in “garage apartment”,  just hanging around being idle.  Not much of a life, right?! So I rescued Dolly, brought her home and gave her a modeling job! Today she will be wearing sweater dresses. To tell the truth I am glad she got this gig as it is still warm here in the South, despite it being October.  This week the temperatures have been in the mid eighties! But that’s okay, Dolly  can take the heat! I currently have four sweater dresses in my wardrobe. Two were purchased last year and the others just in the past few weeks, but get this , all of the dresses were just 99 cents apiece! Now that is what I call fabuless! So with no further ado, hereeee’s Dolly!



Cream Color Cowl Neck sweater dress by ana A New Approach


Changing up the look with a brown belt.  Short tan lace up boots/Rampage. Red hoop earrings/Cato. Tan and red Betty Boop purse complete the look. Dress, boots, belt and purse all Goodwill purchases


The Black and White look with a touch of pink.  Black belt with gold buckle purchased from Goodwill. Short black ankle style boots/BG Aries were a gift. Pink symmetrical earrings from Cato.  Black and white striped bag with pink bow/Bestsey Johnson. The bag was a Goodwill purchase and was only $7.99.



Black, white and yellow look. Tall black patent leather boots/Franco Sarto. Black elasticized belt/No brand listed. Black and white polka dot earrings/Cato. Golden yellow/black detail purse/Kate Spade New York.  Belt, boots and bag all Goodwill purchases.




Purchased at Goodwill last year.


The 4th and final look of this versatile dress.  Red tri-buckled belt/Goodwill purchase. Red purse with white polka dots and bow . Black Suede fringed booties/gift. Red wool cap with floral flourish purchased from Kmart.


Bag by Roberta Gandolfi purchased at Goodwill.


3/4 length sleeved dress, tan with black stripes and pink trim by DESIGN HISTORY Tall Brown Suede boots/Madeline, a Goodwill buy. Pink droplet earrings were a gift


Added a black double buckle belt (no brand listed. Got it at Goodwill) and short black boot for a different look. Changed the earrings to the pink symmetrical ones for a funkier look.



MIA Boots purchased at GW. Love the back detail. Gives an outfit a “tougher” edge


This short sleeve tan dress by Extra Touch has black and white stripes with an asymmetrical neckline and trim with a cute button detail. This was purchased at Goodwill last year. White and silver earrings/Cato. Once again I have paired this dress with the brown suede Madeline boots.





Same dress new look.  Leather vest with silver zipper/MANART, purchased at GW a couple of years back. Black suede fringe booties by Breckcelles were a Christmas gift last year. To “top” off the outfit I added a motorcycle type brimmed hat.


A closer view of the hat I received from a friend.


I love this black and off white patterned dress. The tag had been cut out so I do not know the brand. Added a black elastic belt with silver buckle, silver jewelery and black fringed suede bag and black suede boots complete the look. This is my “anonymous” outfit, as the dress, boots, belt and bag all have no brand listed! All but the jewelery was purchased at Goodwill.


The silver earrings  were created and handmade by Vicky herself.  Her beautiful creations are called Transformations. The silver cuff bracelet was purchased at a yard sale. 

So that is it. My four fabuless 99 cent dresses.  I hope that you enjoyed seeing how I styled them.

My thanks to Dolly for “taking the heat” and putting on sweaters in our ever warm October weather.  You will be seeing more of our new friend. I think she is going to help us decide what costume to wear for Halloween this year. We don’t know yet what it will be but we do know that it will be  frightfully fabuless, and scary cheap!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!

Teresa and Vicky










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Weekend Fun/ Thrifting in Dickson Tennessee


Hello fabuless fashionistas and happy fall ya all! Hard to believe that Autumn is officially here.  Especially since here in our little Southern city, we have had temperatures in the high eighties! Not exactly sweater and boot weather, but that has not stopped us from shopping for some fall wardrobe items, namely at our favorite place, Goodwill!

This weekend my friend Kimmy and I headed out of Clarksville and traveled the short distance to Dickson to check out the deals at the Goodwill there. Much to my chagrin Kimmy outdid me in the thrifting department (this time), as she came away with several wonderful finds!  Though I didn’t leave empty handed I did find only one item, but it was funky and fun and fifty percent off so that made me feel a little better. Also I had already exhausted the three local Goodwill stores this week and luckily did find some beautiful things to start building my Fall wardrobe!

Well, I guess I may as well start with my one fabuless find.  This ” spring” green, (ironic, I know when we were  shopping for fall fashions), tote. There was no tag that had a brand listed so I have  no idea where it originally came from, but I absolutely adore it. I kinda have this thing about lip prints so I just couldn’t pass it up. Especially since at half price it was only $2.00. Since the weather here is still quite summer like I thought  perhaps I could carry it a few more times. In fact I carried it the next day pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans and a bright pink tee. Very casual, but the tote was my statement piece.


As I said, Kimmy was able to find more than me on this trip, (lucky girl!), and she got some great deals. Starting with a pair of gray patterned leggings by AB Studio, that were brand new. The original price tag was still attached. Retail cost $44.00! Kimmy’s cost $4.49!


Deal of the Day!

Look at this gorgeous black suede and leather skirt Kimmy found for only $4.99!  She will definitely have to let us do a photo shoot of her wearing this fabulous find!IMG952286



Brand tag of skirt

So as you can see I was not the ONLY one to purchase something that was not totally seasonal.  These adorable polka dot sandals by St. Johns Bay were just too cute for Kimmy to leave behind!


The plaque in this pic was a gift from me to Kim. Of course I had purchased it at Goodwill!


Love this beautiful tank with a diamond graphic high/low sheer draped detail.


Long sleeved scoop neck sweater by Ann Taylor Loft. The lovely green color is perfect for fall.



A better view of the AB leggings.

After our little shopping spree we were hungry! After all what is a girl’s day out shopping spree without a little lunch.  We checked out yelp to see what Dickson had to offer in the way of eats.   When we saw that there was a place called Little Bite of Everything, and that it offered BOTH burgers and cupcakes….well we knew we had found our place. Believe me it did not disappoint! We both ordered  their OC burger and decided to share an order of fries so we could save room for a cupcake.  Wise choice as the portion of fries was more than enough to share.Resized_20170923_150625

I will let you in on a little secret.  When Kimmy and I get together we LOVE to talk. And talk and talk and talk….  But from the moment we took that first bite of burger, our conversation came to an almost screeching halt. The most we could manage were some ooohs , ahhhs and yums!


All we could say was YUM!


Burgers AND Cake! What more can a girl ask for?  Kim’s floral skirt and royal blue top were previous Goodwill purchases.


Such a great selection. It was hard to choose.




The décor was cute and atmosphere friendly. White peasant tie up top by JW style, a recent GW purchase.


Our final choices. Me the Game Day on right. Kim , the Cannoli. Both delicious!

We have already decided we will definitely be making another trip so we can have another “Little Bite of Everything.”  Check out their website. littlebiteofeverything.com for more info, including menu options, prices and more. Then go get yourself a burger!

Before we headed home we checked out this cute shop called High Cotton. It has a mix of antiques, furniture, home décor, jewelry and more. Definitely a place you will want to check out when you visit Dickson.

Resized_20170923_150612 (1)

Love their sign, Where the Junk has Funk!


You are here. Kimmy pointing to where we are on the map!


High Cotton had a nice variety of funny greeting cards also.  A great place to find a unique gift and a card to go with it , too!

So this concluded out little out of town thrifting trip. It was loads of fabuless fun and it just goes to show you  that you don’t have to travel too far from home to find new and fun places!

Till next time be thrifty and stay fabuless!


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